Why Women Choose Short Hair Styles

It used to be that very short hair was reserved for men only. But, with some major celebrities paving the way, this former do don’t is now a must do for many.

Sleek, stylish and easy to care for (most of the time) very short hairdos are chosen by women for a whole lot of reasons. Almost always when a short do is well styled, the image portrayed is one of extreme confidence. And, when it comes to women, confidence equates to beauty. This look is also enjoyed by many because it also portrays a no-nonsense feel, as well.

The advantages of short hairstyles for women are many and include:
* The ability to give finer hair a thicker, more full appearance. Since there isn’t a whole lot of hair weighing down the style, this type of cut is perfect for those who are thickness and body challenged.
* Easy styling. Since shorter hair is pretty easy to deal with for at-home styling purposes, many women choose the style to accommodate busy schedules. A wash, blow dry and perhaps a little mousse is generally all it takes to make a very short style look fantastic.
* Comfort. Ask anyone who lives in a hot climate that happens to have long hair and they’re likely to say it’s a big pain in the neck to maintain. Since shorter hair, and especially very short hair, doesn’t weigh down onto the shoulders or back, this type of style is often just much more comfortable to wear – especially in the heat.

While very short hairstyles are ideal for many women, they do come with some downfalls, too. They include:
* Need for constant maintenance. If the desire is to keep the look, frequent haircuts will most likely be needed. A very short do can look out of place quickly if regular reshaping isn’t included in a schedule.
* Lack of options. Since there’s not much that can be done beyond the anticipated style the cut was created for, those with very short hairstyles limit their appearance options. For many, this is the desire, but others enjoy the options longer hair offers. When very short is the chosen path, pony tails, buns, waves and so on will be out, but so too, will hours spent styling. So all in all, there’s a lot of good that comes with the bad.

Projecting confidence and a no-fuss, no-muss attitude, very short hairstyles are loved by many women for these reasons exactly. Easy to maintain (minus the cuts) and generally pretty comfortable, the look is sleek, stylish and very modern.

Source: https://positivearticles.com