Why Wear Hard Hats?

The importance of remaining safe in the workplace is often overlooked by employees, but it is a crucial consideration for employers looking to protect their workforce. Whether that’s through minimising risk in the workplace or through providing appropriately safe workwear, employers are legally committed to minimising accidents and protecting the staff to the best of their abilities. Alongside sturdy boots and gloves, it can often be essential to require quality hard hats to be worn at all times in the work environment. To some, this may seem like a bizarre requirement, particularly when there are no obvious risks, although it is in fact an essential requirement for protecting your head from a number of unforeseen risks. In this article we will look at the importance of wearing hard hats in hazardous environments, and why this issue in particular is of such concern to employers.

Ask most people why they wear a hard hat in the workplace and there answer would generally be along the lines of ‘because I’m told to’. Actually, this is a good answer, given that there is a lot to lose for employers allowing their workmen to work without adequate head protection – so much so, it is often drummed into employees as a necessity that they must always wear hard hats. Employers recognise the dangers of working in an environment without hard hats, and they understand that a protected and safe workforce is ultimately more productive. But what about wearing hard hats when it seems as though there is no immediate risk?

Any job that involves manual labour and lifting can ultimately be a hazardous vocation for an employee, and the head can be the most vulnerable body part when it comes to knocks, bumps and dropped weights. The hard hat is the first line of defence against head injuries of all sorts, and in a construction environment it can often be particularly hard to predict where the next threat is going to come from. By ensuring you have a hard hat on at all times, you can help create a safer environment from the unpredictability that often makes this kind of work dangerous.

Hard hats are also useful from a practical point of view for the employer. By ensuring all employees wear hard hats, the employer is not only covering his own back in terms of the potential legal ramifications of health and safety failure but also allowing him to quickly identify staff for co-ordinating the construction process, or in times of emergency when it would be essential to quickly distinguish between on-site staff and other employees.

Hard hats might seem to get in the way at times, but they are truly essential in preventing serious and potentially life threatening head injuries. By ensuring you are equipped with a hard hat at all times, you can protect your head against the dangers that surround you, whilst also helping to add to the overall safety culture which can be of critical importance in dangerous industries like construction.