Why Videos are a Great Way of Promoting Your Auto Dealership Online

When searching for products online, users prefer to refer businesses that present their products/services in an easily understandable way. Presentation becomes especially important when the business is product oriented and the purchase is made through virtual means (i.e. the Internet).

While virtualization of your dealership showroom is extremely significant in establishing your business online, it does not help in marketing your business. Videos are the perfect solution for marketing your dealership online. Short, detailed and engaging videos can be appealing to your customers; they help your customers make purchase-decisions easily. Further, with the Internet providing many platforms to market your videos, you are sure to catch the attention of more people on the web.

In this article, we will discuss why videos are a great way of promoting your auto dealership online.

Huge numbers of Internet users watch online videos
A report presented by comScore Video Metrix has revealed that in the month of April 2012, a record breaking online video ad views were registered – 9.5 billion video ad views by U.S. Internet users (this is a huge increase form 3.8 billion views in April, 2011).

Hence, with a lot of the online population becoming more receptive to video advertising, it can be assured that videos can bring a great amount of traffic for your business, thus proving to be good ways of promoting your auto dealership online.

Clear explanation of various auto models
Videos provide a great opportunity for auto dealers to showcase their products virtually. Since an automotive purchase is such a huge investment, customers are keen to know each and every detail about the design, functioning and special features of the model. Though text and pictures can serve this purpose to some extent, they are not as convincing as videos. Moreover, videos give a 360 degree view of the product that is very much similar to the experience of visiting an auto showroom personally.

Highly interactive
When surfing through your website, users may find it boring to read through lots of content in order to get to know your business. But if all of the data about your business, products and services you offer is summarized in the form of a video, it is less time consuming and is highly captivating.

Also, introducing your staff members, your business premises or explaining the features of a model through a sales representative (rather than an animated speaker) in your video, can establish a personal connection with the customer and make the video more interactive.

Can be easily linked to social media
Since videos are highly viral and connect to the audience more easily, they are widely shared on the net. They can also be easily linked and shared on social platforms. Though a good video can go viral on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc., there are special video websites, where you can list your video in order to promote it. A few examples of these video promoting platforms are YouTube, Google videos, Yahoo videos, Myspace videos, etc.

Effective in converting leads into sales
Videos are more convincing than texts or pictures in passing a message and creating a call to action. The very fact that videos help you provide detailed and clear demonstration of your auto models to the targeted audience is a huge selling factor. This helps them make the purchase decisions easily, thus transforming the leads in to sales. Videos can also be customized for mobile websites, increasing your potential online market.

Can be optimized for relevant keywords
Interestingly, videos too can be optimized for search engines, thus, proving to be more efficient means of marketing on web. Hence, while promoting your videos, make sure that you choose your keywords carefully for which the video is optimized, so that your target audiences are more likely to find your videos.

You can even promote your videos through press releases on local press release websites or on general free press release websites. Also, it is important to update your videos constantly, as you update your web pages.

A good video surely catches the attention of your audience. Hence, by efficiently delivering your message, you can engage your prospects in an effective way, which in turn boosts your auto business.