Why Use Your Whole Mind

Copyright 2006 Cole’s Poetic License

The Power of Now

Your whole mind includes those millions of visual memories that color what you see now. Know that, and you don’t have to be so sure that what you see now is what you think you see. Especially if you don’t like it.

That’s worth repeating. If you don’t like what you see, change what you think every day!

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity explains how, at the speed of light, all things happen at once.

Time ceases to exist and what we really have is a space-time continuum.

Since there is no time, the past, present and future simply become the now.

And the now is the only place you can ever feel happy. You can’t feel it anywhere else.

Nothing else exists. You either live Now or you live never.

You can’t drink water yesterday nor eat a steak tomorrow.

Living outside your body–in your mind–means you are not living in the Now. You are living in a place where reality never exists.

When life seems too painful you may jump right out of your skin and live outside your body. It’s the easiest way to avoid the pain of life’s tests.

After my first heartbreak at fifteen, I closed my heart and lived in my head for years. Unfortunately, by avoiding the pain, I missed the lesson that makes the pain go away and the pleasure return.

“Fear” is often outside the Now. Fear of what might happen keeps us locked in. Daily we give up freedom in the name of fear. “Worry” is asking most for that which you want least. It concentrates on past and future.

“Stress” is confusion in the Now. You are in your subconscious mind looking back and your frontal lobes looking ahead, trying to do too much at once.

Multi-tasking can be hazardous to your health. If you are concentrating on three frontal lobe tasks at once your subconscious mind, which is intimately connected with your body, may trip you. A hard fall brings you right back to Now.

“So, what’s with all the emphasis on goal setting?” I hear you ask. That’s not living in the Now.

It is, definitely and only if you pick up a pen or pencil, a pad of paper–forget the computer–and write fast. Write whatever goal comes to mind. Be outrageous now. Doodle, too.

Live, love and laugh now . . .

and then use your frontal lobes to make some serious plans from those outrageous notes and act on them, in the now, every day.

Simpleology 101 is a good guide for that. It shows you how to build mountains from pebbles of Nows.

Recently I had pneumonia and didn’t follow my frontal lobe plans that involved learning excel and rss feed and stuff my subconscious mind fights. I didn’t have anything else to do while healing so I wrote three opening chapters to a novel. My subconscious mind forgot I was sick.