Why United States Has the Best Health Care System.

This could be very controversial topic to “Why United States has the Best Health Care System”. It seems that anytime you turn on news channel some one is talking about Health Care in the United States. Then there are politicians that all claim that there is a problem and that they are going to fix it. The question is to fix what? We all heard of people saying that why can’t we have Health Care System in the United States as it is in Canada or United Kingdom. The Health Care system where the government takes care of all of its citizens. Sounds like a great concept, except it has never really worked for the countries that it is in. If you consider all the facts “numbers”, United States absolutely has best health care system, let’s look at some facts.

First of United States is renowned for it’s advancement in medicine and quality of its hospitals. We all heard of the hospitals like Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medical Center and many more with their own breakthroughs in medicine. United States by far has the best success ration when it comes to Heart surgeries and cancer treatment. When there are unusual circumstances where babies are born joined some where over seas they do not bring them to Canada or United Kingdom, they bring them to United States. Another fact is that United States law does not allow hospital to decline you care. Even if you do not have any verifiable way to pay the bills, the hospitals still have to accept you.

Second in United States we have the cheapest health care system and most efficient. I know this one is going to raise some questions. All we hear on the TV is how expensive our medical system is. Well like I said before numbers don’t lie, people do. Lest take a look at Canada for example; Canadians pay over 55 % in taxes and 17.5% sales tax on top of that. That’s over 70% in taxes. In United States the absolute highest tax bracket is 38%. Is anyone in the United States paying over 30% of their income for their health care needs? I don’t thinks so. Not to mention that In Canada you have to wait up to six months to get a certain medical test done. If you need a transplant in Canada you might as well be dead.

Third in United States if you are Self Employed you probably heard of Health Saving Accounts. We do not pay in to some kind of health care system that is managed by our great government that can’t even manage Medicare, that’s another topic that book can be written on. Since 2005 we have the ability to pay even less in tax and keep more of our hard earned money. If you are Self Employed and think that health insurance is expensive in United States and you do not have Health Savings Account set up, than you are an idiot. There is no simpler way that I can put that. There cannot be any excuse or exceptions to why you do not have Health Saving Account set up (well there is one I can think of “brain damage”).

Fourth it gets much better from here. Not to mention that we have best quality of care, when it comes to our hospitals. I know some might say I hear this and that about how some bad some hospitals treat people. Some might even say that some hospital killed their loved one in the United State. Let me start by saying this, if you have HMO type of plan not to mention any insurance companies, there is one in particular starts with “K”, then your family members deserve to die. I hear this all the time “my family member, friend was killed by this hospital” and if are still using that hospital, then you are and idiot. What I am stating here is type of health plans that lets you be in control of your health care. A Health Plan where you pick and choose your own doctors and hospitals. In the United States we have best quality health care system and it is FREE. That’s right and it is not known to you because you are not supposed to know. Let me explain I have my own business it is set up as a corporation. All my health insurance premiums are 100 % business expense (if it is done properly). If your accountant says other wise, fire your accountant. It is either give my money away in taxes to Uncle Sam, who I absolutely love, or I have to pay for my Health Insurance. There we have best quality of health care system FREE. NO ONE can challenge my on that because if is undisputed fact. I know some of you might be employed by employer and you might not be able to take advantage of all the tax benefits of having a corporation set up properly. It is not that health care is expensive it is that you chose a route that is not favored by out great countries tax system. Uncle Sam pays for my health insurance and United States has the best health care system.