Why Trying Never Works

How often have you “tried” to do something and failed…often miserably. There’s yet another reason to not try again – another example of failure. Soon you just give up trying and stay stuck in a life of mediocrity that may feels comfortable, but erodes your soul every day you exist there, until you wake one day and wonder what happened. You question why other people seem to have all the luck and you don’t. It may surprise you to know that by removing one word from their language, these same “lucky” people have lifted the lid from their mediocre lives and have begun living the life they truly want to live.

Why “Try” Doesn’t Work

Do or do not. There is no try.
~ Yoda (fictional character from George Lucas’s “Star Wars”)

“Try” is the language of failure. Subconsciously, your mind registers “try” as the assumption that you’ll expend energy without the expectation of results. So why even bother trying? Sometimes we’re just kidding ourselves, and other times we’re just kidding others. When is the last time you told a friend you’d “try” to make it to their party, never intending to show up. I’ll bet your friend knew you wouldn’t show up even if you didn’t admit it to them.

As with your friend, when you use the language of “try” on yourself, you’re excusing your lack of action and follow through before you even start. Essentially, you don’t want to do what you’re saying you’ll try to do. It’s like a preemptive excuse – Well, I tried!

What DOES Work:

Get honest with yourself (and others)…

You do or you do not. You do want something, do act on something, do work towards something – or not.

Here’s the key – DECIDE. When you decide, you’re telling your subconscious mind to go to work on finding ways to get what you want. When you decide, you make it happen – no matter what.

Feel how different “decide” feels from “try”. Can you feel the expectation of success in decide? Can you feel the change in energy in your body? Can you feel the conviction that you’ll do whatever it takes once you’ve decided?

There’s no room for failure in decide – you’ll keep going until you succeed.

Raising Your Standards:

One of the key ways to raise your standards is to stay true to your word – to yourself and others – but most importantly to yourself. When you say you’ll do something, do it. When you don’t want to do something, or have no intention of doing something, say so. Remove “try” from your vocabulary and insert “do” … or “don’t”.

    DECIDE – decide what you want
    COMMIT – commit to seeing it through to success
    RESOLVE – resolve to work through any obstacles that may come up

You know what you want. Choose to include in your life more of what you want, less of what you don’t and to more honestly express your choices. Not only will you respect yourself more but others will as well.