Why The White Oak Flooring?

White oak floor is one of the most revered hardwood floors around the globe. The qualities that have made it the liked wooden floor are those of the color, durability and solidity. The white oak floor is almost synonymous with high-quality, durable, and distinctively attractive look.

In order to understand the value of the white oak floor, one should have an idea of the white oak. The white oak is a species of tree from the Genus Quercus and grows in the northern parts of America, but has closely related species that grow in Europe and Asia. The white oak reaches heights of between 80 and a 100 feet. The wood of the white oak has the closely grained fibers making the wood as one of the pre-eminent strong woods of the world. It is heavy, hard, and tough and fine textured. The white oak is superior in hardness and features a very consistent and well-defined grain pattern.

The White oak floor, made from the white oak, is also notably stiff and dense and has high resistance to splitting and excellent holding ability. With high concentration of tannic acid, the white oak floor is particularly resistant to fungi and insects. Thus, the white oak floor is well known for its long life, even with constant abuse.

The White Oak floor has a high degree of color variability from light tan colors to medium tan colors with a grayish cast to medium brown colors. The color white itself creates the tranquil and serene atmosphere and the pale look of the white oak floor can lend the perfectly heavenly look to your room.

So, the white oak floor turns a house into a lovely living place. The white oak floor has a long tradition in many countries, especially in America. The grayish charcoal color of the white oak floor gives the house a sort of old castle look.

The white oak floor has good machining qualities as it can turn green or brown when the surface comes in contact with bleach or water-based finishes. Moreover, the white oak is very silky and for this reason the white oak floor is beautiful and visually satisfying.

As per as the price is related the white oak floor is more affordable than other kinds of floors. As a result the white oak floor is becoming more and more popular around the world.

Choosing the white oak floor, which will add a pure and calming look to your room, can be a wise investment. So, give your house a spectacular look with white oak flooring.