Why The Secret Won’t always Work For Me, Chapter 3

I used to be the most optimistic person you would ever run into a dozen years ago. The Law of Attraction was always working for me, it was a chain reaction of successes. But even back then it was not 100% all the time. I think it is because my intelligence is above average and I tend to analyze everything that comes my way. I am a big believer in positive thought as I do not subscribe to cable TV because of the amount of negativity in the news and such. At least with a newspaper or magazine I can choose to only read the positive stuff and not look at anything that is depressing.

I love to read stories like the ones in the book” Chicken Soup for the Soul” about how people were able to turn things around in their lives. I surround myself with magazines and books about people who have done some amazing things. But on the flip side of the coin I am always asking the question Why. In the book “The Secret” we are taught about attracting positive things in our lives and not to always ask why but to just trust that the good will happen if we just let them happen. Like attracts Like. Think only positive thoughts and the Universe will bring more positive into our lives.

It is hard for me to believe that God or some Supreme Being has always been there. I try to hypothesize that maybe God is life from another planet that is far more advanced than planet Earth. A lot of times I think that God is someone on the Enterprise in the Star Trek series like the character in The Next Generation ‘Q’. We are taught that the universe goes on forever but I am constantly thinking that it must end somewhere and if so what is beyond the End.

According to the Secret everything that is around today started out as just an idea. This is true because before anybody sets out to invent some device they must first have a thought or idea of what they are trying to create. The inventor of the automobile didn’t just one day put together a bunch of part and invent the first car without first having an idea of what he wanted to accomplish. Same with the light bulb. Everything must first start out as a thought of some sort.

Look at our planet. Back when the dinosaurs roamed it this planet was basically a huge chunk of rock with some forests or jungles on it. Look at all that has been created in the last million years, the last thousand years or even the last 50 years. All this has come from a huge chunk of rock. For me, it is hard to believe that we are the only life in the entire Universe. I am always thinking of this and trying to come up with explanations.

But on the other side of the coin I see so much good coming to those who trust in “The Secret”. They believe in the Law of Attraction and look where they are today. Everybody now has a book out that is basically “The Secret”. Joe Vitalle has “The Attractor Factor”, my wife just got me a video last night about this same kind of stuff by Deepak Chopra with Olivia Newton John. If I can just stop trying to find these answers, stop analyzing everything and trust that if I concentrate on positive thoughts that the universe will reward me with more positive in my life then I too will one day be there.

Why does everything have to come down to knowing exactly why things work the way they do? Why can’t I just trust in a higher power and put my faith in God and The Universe? I can’t see air, Gravity or electricity but I know they exist without a doubt so why can’t I trust in a higher supreme being without all this solid proof of its existence? Everything is a chain reaction the way when one bad thing starts to happen and many other similar bad things also are attracted the same is with the good. It rarely happens with only one good thing happening at a time.

We all need to learn how to trust in the things like the Law of Attraction in our lives. We don’t need to try and analyze everything because all this does is create a lot of doubts and prevent us from becoming everything that others are becoming. I’ve tried too many things with the analysis and doubts its about time that I try things the way that everybody else is doing and let the Law of Attraction enter into my life.