Why Should You Use a Mattress Topper?

The mattress topper is one of those things that can make all the difference to the longevity of a mattress and can be especially useful for a number of reasons.

Essentially, a mattress topper is a cover that goes over the top of a mattress. These covers can range in size and either fit over the top of the mattress or over the entire mattress, completely. Of course, there are a range of designs and materials on offer for different functions and uses.

So, why use one?

Well, mattress toppers are used for a wide range of different uses and are often used as a protection from dirt. If you fear your mattress may suffer from dust mites or spores or something else that may cause an allergy, then a mattress topper can also be of use as it acts as a barrier between person and mattress. Essentially, the mattress topper is a great addition for anyone who wants to focus on cleanliness.

It’s also a great asset in the protection against fluids. Though mattress toppers of this kind have no padding, they do have water repellent properties and will slip over the mattress and below the sheet. These are ideal for people with small children who may wet the bed.


The mattress topper is not used solely for hygiene purposes and can also be added to the bed to give an extra level of comfort. Mattress toppers or protectors are often padded and so add additional support and comfort to those looking for a better night’s sleep. These look similar to a slimmer version of a mattress and are often just laid over the original mattress. They can be used to minimise the sagging areas of a mattress, as well as bumps or any other issues to do with the age of a mattress. They are not a sure fire way of compensating for a low quality mattress, however they do help in the fight against discomfort.

Many people use them for support. These supporting mattress toppers are especially popular with people who are ill and bed bound for some time. The medical reasons for their use can really be of benefit and allow the ill person to get a better night’s rest and so hopefully help to speed up their recovery time.


Of course, these mattress toppers come with a wide range of different materials and can be made from both synthetic and natural materials. Currently, memory foam is very common, as is synthetic latex and in sheet form plastic. However, those looking for natural coverings will be happy to hear they are made in feather down, alpaca wool and natural latex too.

These mattress toppers can really make all the difference to your night’s sleep and are the perfect addition for those looking for that little extra for a better rest.