Why Should You Get A Humidifier Today?

Why do you need a humidifier in your home you may ask? There
are certain times of the year, particularly winter, where the
air becomes extremely dry and creates an unpleasant climate to
live in. A humidifier will get rid of this discomfort, as it
will add moisture to the air by producing a cool mist. This
will make the air less drying to your mouth, throat, and nose.

During the winter the air becomes very dry, and as you turn your
heat on the relative humidity drops a tremendous amount. It is
important to get a humidifier and keep the relative humidity in
your home in between 30% to 50%. If you keep it in this range,
youÂ’ll be able to turn your thermostat down a few notches. With
humid air in the house, you will feel more comfortable at a
lower temperature then you would at a higher temperature with no

A humidifier is not only going to help clean up the air, but it
will also reduce the static levels in your house, and reduce the
risk of drying out the wooden furniture. When humidifying your
home, you will also reduce the risk for manufacturing problems.

Now that you know why to use a humidifier, its time to decide on
what type of humidifier is best for you. There are all kinds of
humidifiers designed to fit your need including boiler steam,
chemical-free boiler steam, hot liquid, electricity, and natural
or LP gas.

When looking at a boiler steam humidifier, you will find that
some are installed inside the ducts. Some are chemical-free
steam, while others are not. Most are going to be convenient
for homes, as they have a wide capacity range to reach most
parts of the home, if not all.

Hot water humidifiers are a liquid-to-steam humidifier. This is
a chemical-free steam that uses energy from already existing hot
water sources. The steam capacity is going to range from 9-2160

With electrical humidifiers, the range is going to be much
shorter as most shoot out steam at a capacity of 50-250 lbs/hr.
These can be used for small ducted appliances and are typically
used in finished spaces. The advantage to this kind of
humidifier is that it is very affordable, but it will not cover
near as much space like a hot water humidifier.

The humidifier that is best for an entire house is a natural gas
humidifier. The gas-to-steam humidifier will have a steam
capacity of 75-3,600 lbs/hr covering most parts of the house.

On a review for the best humidifiers, the Bemis’ faux wood-grain
cabinet console humidifier is said to be the best to cover a
whole house, or most of the house at up to 2,500 square feet.
It refills very easily and is affordable at approximately $130.
The humidifier will need occasional filter replacements, but
other then that it is ready to go. Check out the link below to
see other recommended humidifiers:


Another page to check out for the best humidifiers for your home
is an article that was written on about.com. In this article
they discuss cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers,
and then give the best four home humidifiers in their opinion,
and where they can be purchased. Check out this article here:


There are many different kinds of humidifiers that cover small
areas to an entire house. In the end, no matter what kind of
humidifier you buy, the air will be cleaner then it was before.
So go out and find the humidifier that satisfies your needs
best, and begin breathing clean and safe air in your home today.