Why Shop At A Farmer’s Market

Do you ever ask why particular foods have a much better flavor at certain times of the year? If you ever shop in a farmer’s market, you will find different types of the most delicious foods, varying with the time of year. When local produce is fresh it becomes available for the farmer’s market. One of the best kept secrets of chefs is that they know that if they buy the food at a farmer’s market, as well as at other vendors where local produce is sold, that it will really enhance their cooking.

Below, are a few ideas to help you get the most benefits of shopping in a farmer’s market.

Take A Look At the Best Markets

Your first step is to locate the top nearby markets. Beginning each spring season, you will be able to see the best local produce offered in the farmer’s markets. During the time that the foods become fully grown and ready to be harvested, they become available and are found on the seller’s displays. Take for an example, during the early spring months items such as spring greens, asparagus, and strawberries can usually be seen.

Take Fall for example. During the Fall, squash crops are usually fully grown and ripe for picking. By going locally, you could shop for zucchini, butternut or acorn varieties and enhance your cooking with delicious, brightly colored food. Of course, there are the great pumpkin patches to look through, which are another form of a farmer’s market.

Local Specialties

If you learn about the local cuisine and the local produce this can greatly enhance your cooking. Local produce markets are uniquely appealing because they open up access to the different local specialties. Different regions are known for their particular foods and for its fine quality. The local cuisine is usually has their specialty available, when the food is harvested.

Many regions have a yearly festival to show off their locally grown food. You can read about ones in your area through guides published by your local chamber of commerce. These festivals often include food contests to judge the best recipe or prepared food from the local growers. Even pickles can be considered a prized specialty item, made from locally grown, high quality cucumbers.

Finding Inspiration

A nearby farmer’s market is a fantastic place to go, in case you are needing a little inspiration for your cooking. By surveying all the fresh food, you will find delightful foods to cook and maybe mix for a new flavor. Why not get the fresh strawberries in the spring and serve fresh strawberries and cream for breakfast? The best chefs let the fresh harvests of the season tell them what to cook. They apply this technique continuously as the seasons go by.

By shopping at your local farmer’s markets, will open up just one way to expand your cooking skills. To get more help, you can look conveniently on the Internet for a copy of an ebook that offers everything you ever wanted to know about cooking.