Why Send Video Email?

Why send video email? Why would you want to send video email when you can send an ordinary email, that is the question? What is the difference?

When you send video email, you bring message to life by adding audio and visuals to your message which will make it much more effective than an ordinary email.

You never get a second chance to make the first impression. In this fast-paced world you have to move ahead of your competitors. It is no longer big fish eat small fish, it is now fast fish eat slow fish!

Your clients are always comparing services and you want to be seen using the latest cutting edge video streaming technology in your communication and not stick with the old methods of communication. The world is changing very fast and you must keep with it or be left behind among the stragglers.

Many people are auditory and visual and when you add sound and pictures into your message you get their attention. It has been proven in research that we only retain about 10% of what we read, but we retain 50% of what we hear and see!

Now you see why you want to send video email instead of ordinary email? When was the last time you sent a vide email? If you haven’t sent a video email, you are still using the old technology. Your competitors who send video emails will have a winning edge over you!

Seeing is believing, would you like to see and hear me talking to you simply by clicking on a video email link or read an ordinary email?

You can demonstrate your product when you send video emails to your clients and a picture says a thousands words but a moving picture with sound says much more!

Imagine millions of people in the MLM business using this latest video streaming technology to communicate effectively with their marketing group and creating a second stream of income for themselves and their groups!

Video email is the next big thing to mobile phone! If you have missed the mobile phone business, this is the time to get in on the video email business. Will there be competitors? Of course, there will be as many as what you now see in the mobile phone business but it is always those businessmen who have the vision that get the bigger piece of the cake!

In life, there are basically three groups of people, the first group don’t know what’s happening, the second group is always asking “what’s happening?” and the third group makes thing happen!

Here’s the million-dollar question, would you rather read my message or see and hear me talking to you?

I rest my case!