Why See A Hypnotist : 10 Great Reasons

Sometimes it amazes me how many people who, upon learning I’m a hypnotist,
confide they’ve always been curious about being hypnotized. ‘I want to try it, they whisper, But I have nothing to be hypnotized for.’

‘Really?’ I ask. I can think of a thousand possibilities.

For time’s sake, I’ll supply the most popular, at least those I encounter most in my practice:

1. Hypnosis to feel relaxed and to learn how to relax yourself with self-hypnosis.

2. To quit smoking (or eliminate another un-useful habit).

3. To lose weight and/or change your body.

4. To eat properly/exercise regularly (create a useful habit).

5. To overcome, eliminate, or tame a fear that is holding you back.

6. Hypnosis to stop biting your nails, chewing your hair, picking a pimple, or saying ‘um’ a lot. The first in this series is probably the most common, but all of these habits make a person feel, and perhaps appear, less confident.

7. To enjoy public speaking. Sometimes simply not being afraid of it is enough.

People know that speaking well publicly can boost their career, but many find the thought paralyzing. It has been called a fear more powerful than death, but I’m somewhat skeptical of that. In any case, it is common and it does hold people back.

Enjoying and being good at pubic speaking can help propel careers and businesses, and grow bank accounts. And once you do feel comfortable with it, it’s a lot of fun being in the spotlight and meeting new people.

In fact, it can be so much fun, it may become a compulsion you need to tame.

8. Hypnosis to improve your love, dating or marital life.

9. Hypnosis to change something about your career: it could be to switch fields, ask for a raise, get a better job in the same field or to improve performance. Performance improvement is often about speed, boredom, or improved communication with others.

Sometimes those who come to me for this area have fears about leaving a reliable job to start something new. Taming fears of many kinds, of course, is a very strong reason to visit a hypnosis practitioner.

10. Hypnosis simply to satisfy curiosity. That is, to allow you to experience the hypnotic state. Other related reasons: For pleasure, shock value (so friends will say: ‘I can’t believe YOU went to a hypnotist!’) or just to check it off your ‘Things To Try Before I Die’ list. All of these are good, fun, and broadening.

Of course, some come to see me for quite unique reasons, not the least of which is finding a lost object. Sometimes it works but only if the person who lost it is the one coming to be hypnotized. Otherwise, a session with a psychic might be a better choice. Speaking of psychics, some people go to hypnotists for past-life regressions; whether you’ll really encounter your past life or not can be debated till your next life.

But if you do one of these sessions, be sure the person conducting it is experienced and really understands what you’re looking for.

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to experience a hypnosis session, for any reason, including ‘So I can say I’ve been hypnotized!’ consider one of the reasons on this list. Or just ask yourself: ‘What habit would I like to create or eliminate? What adventure would I like to experience if only in my mind? What could I be, do, have, or learn that would make my life better?’

Then find a qualified hypnotist in your area, or consider a phone session in the privacy of your own corner of the universe.

©2008 by Wendy Lapidus-Saltz. All rights reserved.