Why psychology works like magic

We all have seen withes cursing people in horror movies and turning their lives to hell but do you know that humans do curse each other and force each other to live miserably without noticing?

In a movie all a witch has to do is to speak some words like hocus pocus and the curse starts working and in the real world this happens in very similar manner.

In this article I will tell you about psychological curses, how they affect your life and how to prevent others from cursing you.

Few things you need to know about the human mind

Before you understand how a psychological curse works you need to know few concepts about the operation of the human mind:

• We get what we focus on: If you believed that you are a loser your mind will filter all memories that prove otherwise and stick to ones that prove that you are a loser. People who lack self confidence always remember rejections and discount the praise that they get. Ever our perception becomes biased towards our internal belief system and we start to interpret every event in a way that further solidifies a belief that is already existing in our minds. In short, if you believed that you are a failure or focused on this fact you will encounter hundreds of proofs that will support your beliefs.

• Human minds were designed to fill gaps: Why do you think you always see people who look like your friends and then when you come closer to them you find them other people? Its because our minds were designed to fill gaps and so we try to match the things that we see or hear with the databases in our minds

• Suggestions are the basis for belief formation: Why would a very famous company such as Cocacola pay billions for ads even though they are already well known? Its because the human mind believes in suggestions and the more a statement is repeated the more likely It will turn into a belief if no opposing beliefs were found in the mind’s Databse.

Abra cadabra, You are a loser
Now lets combine all of this information and find out how can someone cast a curse that has bad effects without noticing.

If someone told someone else that he is a loser, a failure or worthless the person will start to get what he focuses on, he will start to collect clues that prove that he is a loser and he will discard clues that prove anything other wise.

Here are examples of some curses that you might have suffered from before without noticing:

• A teacher curses a student: Right after the student forgets to do his homework the teacher tells him that he is dumb. Because the student believes the teacher he starts to study less to prove her true (all of this happens unconsciously) and in the end the child fails the test and become cursed by believing that he is dumb. This curse could last for years and could even prevent him from becoming successful in his life later on
• Self confidence curses: Some people curse others unintentionally by telling them that they shouldn’t have done that thing right after they fail to do it. Such curses makes the person believe even more that he is a failure and might prevent him from trying again throughout his life
• The Gossip curse: Your perception of a person will change right after being told that he is bad. Not only this will happen but you will also look for his slightest mistakes then use them as proofs for what you have been told about him!!
In short cursing people is all about repeating a statement confidently that the person has a tendency to believe.
Now what about you? How many curses are you living with right now? Do you believe that you are worthless because you were cursed years ago? Do you procrastinate and fear to take risks because someone cursed you with the “Failure” curse ?
One of the main reasons I wrote this post is to help you get rid of the curses that are currently affecting your life while you are not aware of them. Scan your brain and find out the curses that are currently limiting you then get rid of them.
Use White magic
Changing someone’s self concept can help him become better. If you praised someone instead of criticizing him then his self concept will change and he will become motivated to stick to that new self concept.
If you want to motivate someone to change to the better then don’t put him down but instead use phrases like “I don’t expect this from a good person like you”
Just as bad curses program the mind of a person to act bad good ones program his mind to be better. By saying such a statement you are reassuring the person that he is bad behavior is not a part of his personality and so unconsciously he will try to better the next time.

Use this article wisely by being a white magician or a one who throws good curses that can help people.