Why Prefer Electric Infrared Heaters to Save Heating Costs?

It is painful for many people to see their winter heating bills. With increased heating needs, an efficient heating device that provides warmth at the least possible cost is preferable. Among the various heating options, electric infrared heaters, which provide efficient warmth, are considered as one of the best to save heating costs. This distinctive feature makes them preferable to traditional space heaters (including gas and kerosene heaters) and convection electric heaters. They help prevent energy wastage and thereby, reduce your utility bills. Read on to know how they work and save your heating costs.

Electric infrared heaters – how do they work?
Electric infrared heaters warm up a room by emitting infrared radiation. Specific heating elements of the device get heated up by electricity and emit the radiation. This radiation, similar to the natural radiation from the sun, distributes throughout the space and gets converted into heat once it strikes the individuals and objects in the room. Hence, these infrared heaters provide natural, safe, and efficient heat.

How they save heating costs?
Electric infrared heaters include specific characteristics that enable us to save heating costs.

Use electricity
These heaters use electricity – an easily accessible fuel. Though electricity is a bit expensive when compared to gas, it is better to prefer electric space heaters. This is because the prices of the gas are unpredictable and may change based on the demand and supply. So, it is recommended to go for electric space heaters and avoid unnecessary risks.

Infrared heat ensures no energy loss
Electric heaters are energy-efficient converting most of the electric energy consumed to heat, thus minimizing loss of energy. Moreover, the infrared heat emitted from electric infrared heaters incurs no energy loss as they provide even heat and warmth at any corner of the room. In contrast, certain convection space heaters blow heat which is limited to the ceiling, leaving the lower space cool. This tends to energy loss. Also, heat from gas and certain other heaters dissipates from chimneys and vents. This heat or energy loss obviously affects the fuel use and cost in turn.

Ensure energy savings
Convection heaters give warmth only after heating the entire air in the room – making you wait for some time. However, the radiant heat of electric infrared heaters provides instant heat the moment you switch on the device. This way they save energy. Also, certain heaters include a thermostat option which turns off the system once the temperature reaches desired level and thus saves energy costs.

Less installation costs
Electric infrared heaters need minimum installation costs. Unlike gas heaters, they do not need any set-up of specific pipes for the fuel. Also, there is no need of chimneys or other vent systems. These features make installation and transfer of the heaters from one location to another effortless and cost-saving.

No (or less) maintenance costs
Electric infrared heaters need very less maintenance. Effective power cords, proper usage of the device, and simple cleaning are enough with regards to these heaters. You need not bear the huge maintenance costs which are evident with other space heaters.

The above mentioned benefits made them popular for residential heating. So, go for an electric infrared heater this winter to experience effective warmth while saving heating costs.