Why Organic Products are the Best Bet for Your Skin

More people are turning to organic methods of eating, drinking, and living because of a number of reasons. Whether it’s because it’s becoming the latest trend or whether these products are genuinely better than those that are not organic, that’s a matter that’s still up for debate. But what is known is that organic skin care products are flooding the market and that more people than ever are beginning to trust their skin to nature. Should you?

What Makes Something Organic?

Before you can begin to talk about organic products, you might want to define what organic means in terms of ingredients and manufacturing processes. Organic is becoming a more generic term in these days of mass production, but in its purest essence, it should be a product that only contains the purest of ingredients from nature. These ingredients should not have been grown or manufactured with any chemicals or pesticides and under strict guidelines from organic certification companies.

There are also several different levels of the organic labeling that you need to look for when you are shopping:

  • 100% organic – means that all ingredients are organic
  • 100% certified organic – means that all ingredients are certified organic
  • Organic – Not all ingredients are organic, but some are
  • Natural – Ingredients may or may not be organic

When you see that a label includes the ‘organic’ designator, you need to realize that unless it is one hundred percent or a certified designation, this product may or may not be all organic.

Why More People are Choosing Organic

But even though the ingredients are natural, what makes organic products so appealing to the general public? There are several reasons that people are turning to organic products and ingredients:

  • Better for the environment – Unlike chemical laden products, organic products are not going to contribute to adding toxins to the water supply. These are ingredients that will also natural and thus will break down easily when they are disposed of.
  • Better for the economy – When people begin to contribute money to organic industry, it encourages more farmers to have organic crops as a part of their business. Plus, these products are more expensive, which helps the farmer too.
  • Not as many skin reactions – When you have all natural ingredients, you have fewer chances of allergic reactions on the skin.
  • Safer for children and pets – Instead of having bottles filled with chemicals, organic products tend to be safer and less toxic.

Why Organic Benefits Your Skin

Right now, it’s the increase in the organic skin care products that is causing people to stop and take notice of all things organic. The biggest surge in organic products has been in the anti aging market, leading many people to believe that maybe organic is really the best choice for your skin. Here are some possible reasons why:

  • Organic products are gentle on the skin – Some of the harsher chemicals that people use on their skin are actually harming the skin more instead of helping to prevent or lessen the appearance of aging.
  • Organic products are natural – Because your skin is natural, using natural products just makes more sense. Instead of introducing unnatural ingredients to the skin, you will be giving your skin the things that it needs.
  • Organic products help the appearance the skin – Time and time again, science is showing that organic products are beneficial for the skin.