Why on earth are you here?

Most of us live in a cycle of repetition – work, work and work. We never slow down and evaluate the purpose for our lives. We would rather accept what fate has handed out and not feed the huge vacuum in our souls.

This vacuum, or emptiness, cries out for more meaning and purpose. The tragic thing is we never heed to these cries because our lives are crowded with busyness and other distracting noise.

Some of us think of God as the “Universe”. I prefer to think of God as a person with feelings, intellect and emotions. God is our Chief Designer. He was the one that programmed us to be unique individuals – to have unique talents, skills, dreams and desires. Only He knows the real purpose of why we are here on earth and what we are meant to do. If we find the answer to our purpose we unlock the secrets to personal success, happiness and prosperity. So isn’t it logical to seek the answer directly from God himself?

Have you ever seen a child put a square-shaped toy into a space that is circular? The square toy will never fit in. It was only created to fit into a square hole. Each of us is like that square, and most of lives are not square-shaped. For example, God creates someone to be a musician; however they spend their life working as an accountant. I could almost guarantee that this person would be most unhappy with their lives, and not realize their full potential. Circumstances and close influences (parents and friends) help mould us to be who we are today – and in most cases we end up (or are forced) down the wrong path in life. Our choices are not aligned to God’s design and this will lead to failure (and cause depression). If we do not live the life we were created for, we end up unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

How do we manifest our soul’s thoughts, desires and dreams to become successful, happy and prosperous? The first thing is to overcome our mindset. We need to programme our minds the way God designed us for. We need to reverse our thought patterns. Our minds need to be renewed with God’s design code otherwise all our dreams are built on poor foundation. The best way is to search for God and ask him directly what you were created for. The Bible has many manifestation principles and many helpful answers. You soul will be nourished and certainly flourish.

E.G Teh