Why Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping: Why?

Many companies enlist the services of mystery shoppers. They are feared as the dark horse in any retail or food service establishment. Usually the staff is aware that a mystery shopper is ‘on the prowl.’ But before your business procures the help of a person you will probably never meet, it is a good idea to ask yourself one important question, “what will I gain from this service?” Mystery shoppers are entrenched in the system; corporate buys them out for the chains and they’re not going anywhere. But why?

Obviously your business wants to do a few things = 1) Offer a service 2) Make a profit 3) Earn customer loyalty.

With very broad strokes that’s what all business want to do. They may have certain practices they appreciate more than others; a restaurant owner may feel a certain allegiance to the goats that are their rack of lamb so they make a donation to PETA but for the most part, the three things listed are what each business owner wants to do.

But what’s missing? Your employees. And unless you operate a one man shoe shine business or sell flowers standing in the middle of afternoon traffic at the NJ Tpke; unless you do it alone, you obviously can’t be everywhere you need to be all the time.

This is of particular consequence in three industries in particular: 1) retail 2) food service 3) hospitality. ESPECIALLY HOSPITALITY (!) as that potentially integrates the very complex dynamic of guest relations at hotels, where you’ve got front desk, housekeeping, maintenance not to mention the staff at your restaurant (if you’ve got a restaurant) bar, and any other ‘retail’ type encounters that may happen if you’ve got a gift shop or boutique of some kind. Even if the gift shop and restaurant are completely unaffiliated with the hotel but still on your property, you’ve got to think about transference. Your guest doesn’t know who operates the trinket shop, but he knows the name of your hotel and YOUR HOTEL is what they will walk away with from a bad experience.

Anyway, the same question pops up: Okay, I can’t be there all the time, what does mystery shopping give me?

If you’re affiliated with a good network then you’re due to get a lot. Not only will there just be the specter of “mystery shopper” floating around; giving your employees something to fear, but it will also give you an honest, impartial assessment of how your business is running. A mystery shopper may even find something you never had any idea was a problem with your location. Now you’ve got to do something about it.

Also, if you’re coming through with reports every three months from the mystery shopper, you can post them just so your employees know; funny business will not be tolerated.

Finally, a last reason is an out. It’s really hard to fire people; especially entrenched people who are comfortable but not performing as you’d wish. Mystery shopper is incentive to get their act together; if they do, great; but if they don’t, a bad report from a secret shopper is grounds to fire someone; on the spot, in most instances.

You may not be familiar with it; you may not agree; you may not even want to hear about what goes on at your business when you’re not there. But you do. Secret shoppers are a great avenue in somewhere once not able to be seen by your eyes.

Source: https://positivearticles.com