Why Loving Yourself Is The Key To Change

Do you beat yourself up for not losing the weight you want to lose or for not achieving the financial goals you’ve set for yourself? If so, you are engaging in a self defeating way of thinking. You may think that if you don’t however, that you will loose your motivation to change. That may be true to an extent but from a Law of Attraction stand point, you are attracting exactly what you don’t want. The key is to love and accept yourself despite your perceived short-comings.

The same is true of any negative emotions or judgements you may hold against other people. Someone once said that if there is something that bothers you about another, it is really some aspect of yourself that you reject. Try accepting those perceived faults in others and you will find that you can more easily love and accept yourself.

Conversely, if you find that there is someone you admire for some quality they possess such as a “sunny” disposition or a “can do” attitude, then those qualities are also aspects of your own personality. Don’t get jealous, just appreciate those qualities and recognize that you also possess them. In fact jealous feelings are a wonderful opportunity for clearing whatever holds you back from your dreams. If you are jealous of someone who seemingly has it all, you will block yourself from being able to attract those things into your own life. The reason for your jealous feelings is an underlying belief that you can’t have those things yourself and so you sabotage your ability to manifest your desires. Therefore, practice loving acceptance of people who seem to have it all and you will soon come to realize that if someone else has been able to create those things then you can too.

You can use energy therapies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT to tap out your negative feelings about yourself. EFT is a meridian based therapy that involves tapping on various points on the face and body while repeating an affirmation. Part of the affirmation protocol involves accepting yourself fully and completely. It’s a way to “make friends” with the problem because it’s the non-acceptance of the problem that causes the negative emotions.

Zpoint Process is another useful modality for releasing negative emotions. It involves assigning a “cue” word to your subconscious mind and repeating it like a mantra once you mark any negative feelings that arise over a give issue. In this way, you can neutralize any negative beliefs or emotions and quickly move into a place of self love and acceptance.