Why little things matter so much

Most people have big goals even the ones who don’t pursue them. While everyone will agree that achieving these goals can make a person really happy still most people will miss the simple fact that little things we almost overlook can help us become happy as well.
Its not that I am asking you to stop pursuing your big goals because that’s against my beliefs but I am just asking you to take some time to enjoy the little things that matter while you are on your way to achieve your big goals.
How little things can make us happy
The more conscious you are of a certain moment the more you will feel happy providing that you are doing something that you like.
Most people feel sad when they start to think negatively about the future or to recall negative past events. When you do a little thing that you like it helps you forget about the past and future for sometime and enjoy your present moment.
Few little things that can make you happy
Here is a list of few little things that can make a person happy:
1) Watching a comedy movie or a show that you enjoy with your close friends
2) Relaxing on the beach with the one you love and forgetting about the whole world
3) Traveling somewhere new for few days
4) Watching the sunset or any other natural scene
5) Listening to music that you love in a place that you like to stay at
Little things do matter but don’t fall in the escapement trap
Little things do matter a lot but some people get these wrong and use those little things as an escapement method!
Some people start procrastinating and avoid solving their life problems by claiming that they don’t need to pursue big goals because little things can make them happy
Those people are the ones who deceive themselves or the ones who use such excuses because they are too afraid to pursue their real goals.
Its completely ok to escape from your problems for an hour or two so that you recharge your energy to work on them again but what’s not good is escaping from your problems by using such excuses only to end up feeling horrible sometime later.
Enjoy little things while aiming for big things
Find out the little things that you enjoy and make a list of them. Whenever you find yourself feeling bad or down do one of these things to lift your mood.
Enjoy little things as much as you can but stay focused on your long term plan. By doing so you will get the most out of life.