Why knowledge is so important

Most people heard of the saying knowledge is power but sadly most people didn’t quite get the meaning behind that saying.
Even if you never noticed this before each and every task that you successfully do is only done correctly because you have the right knowledge.
For example, right know you are reading this post online, if you didn’t know how to use a computer and how to browse the internet you would have never reached this article.
Knowledge of internet and computer is simple because almost everyone has it but on the other hand there are some areas of knowledge that can help you solve all of the life problems you encounter yet most people are reluctant to learn about them!
How knowledge can help you solve all of your life problems
How many of us were bullied in school? And even if we were never bullied how many times did we find ourselves helpless because we couldn’t defend ourselves or defend someone that we love?
Seems like a complicated life problem but the solution to it is very simple! Knowledge about martial arts! When you learn martial arts you will get introduced to many physics concepts like momentum, velocity…etc.
So even when you knock someone down on the floor its because you have got the right knowledge.
Emotional problems and lack of knowledge
What about emotional problems? Depression for example
Many people remain depressed or sad because they know nothing about psychology or in other words because they never tried to get the required knowledge that can help them get out of this problem.
Do you know that all studies has proved all depression medications are no effective than placebos? Do you know that depression only happens when you lose hope in getting something that you badly wanted? Do you know that depression can disappear as soon as you provide hope to your subconscious mind?
Again lack of knowledge can result in leaving you depressed for a long period of time.
What about money?
Did you read the stories of successful self made billionaires and millionaires? If you did then most probably that you noticed one thing in common.
Many of those people lost their money many times yet they became rich once again. Had any of them been lucky he would have became rich once or twice but not four or six times.
Those people became rich because they possessed some kind of knowledge that helped them make money and even recollect their money when they lose it.
Do you know that all self made millionaires became millionaires because they had the millionaire mindset? All of those people used to think like millionaires before they even became millionaires
Those people had certain knowledge and that’s why they became rich. On the other hand some people are poor and will remain poor because they lack the right knowledge about collecting money.
Knowledge is power
Whether you want to be happy or live a better life
Whether you want to become richer or even become a self made millionaire
Whether you want to reach a goal or live your dreams
I just have one advice for you
Collected as much knowledge as you can because knowledge is power