Why Kaizen Taekwondo is Great for Kids

Kaizen-Taekwondo is a fairly modern type of Martial Arts and it is one of the best types of Martial Arts for kids. Its aims are to turn kids into confident, self controlled and focused young people.

The Reasons Why It Is Great For Kids

Unlike other forms of Martial Arts such as Karate and Judo, Kaizen Taekwondo is specially designed with kids in mind. The others are offered to both adults and children and so they can sometimes be a little difficult for kids to follow.

The basis behind this type of Taekwondo is the same as any other Taekwondo only it does not spend as much time on kicking the air. In fact it is thought that the constant kicking that you do in ordinary Taekwondo can actually damage joints as time goes on. So, more focus is given on upper body moves which are taken form both boxing and Wing Chung.

One handy thing that is learnt in Kaizen-Taekwondo is how to cope if you are pushed to the floor by an opponent. This is obviously great for self defense, especially in this day and age. The final part of the art is taken from Tai Chi which is in turn taken from Chen style Tai Chi.

The Kaizen-Taekwondo lessons are aimed to help children to face bullies when needed, how to deal with strangers and general self defense. Obviously all Martial Arts schools will teach in a different way but generally the mentioned lesson plans are usually what most schools offer.

Overall Kaizen-Taekwondo is excellent for kids and usually the age range is from 7-11 so you do not have to worry about having mixed age range classes. The type of training ensures that there is a lower chance of injury and it also helps with aerobic fitness. Protective gear is always given where necessary and sparring is done through close supervision.

The phrase Kaizen-Taekwondo literally means “The Way of Constant and Never Ending Improvement” in Japanese and that is a good philosophy for kids to follow. Usually you find kids who spend their time practicing Martial Arts such as Kaizen-Taekwondo, are a lot more confident, self assured and they know how to protect themselves yet they do not go out looking for a fight. Martial Arts are often glamorized in movies but they are nothing like how they are often perceived to be. So, if you are looking to sign your child up to a Martial Arts class, Kaizen-Taekwondo is definitely one of the best to go for.

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