Why it’s important to invest in your development?

Investing in your personal growth and development is one of the most powerful ways to produce results in your life. You may have a specific area of your life that you are not satisfied with and would like to change; such as your finances, confidence level, health, career, relationships. What I mean by growing yourself is taking personal development seminars, courses, workshops, working with a coach, or joining a mastermind group anything that focuses on learning about you. It is powerful taking on the journey of wanting to know more about yourself and what stops you and gets in your way.

When you do not invest in your own personal growth and development you keep producing the same results in your life. Little change and it feels like you are banging your head up against the wall. You are clueless about what to do and how to change because the mind that created your problems can not fix them. Once you take on the task of learning about yourself you discover new possibilities for solving your problems and many times they simply disappear.

When you commit to growing and expanding as a person your life grows and expands as result, there is no way around it. Also when you grow the people around you grow too and are affected by your growth. When you experience breakthroughs and produce amazing results the people around you do too. Every time I take a seminar or workshop and have a breakthrough my clients and the people in my life also have breakthroughs and produce results in their life. If you see growing yourself as a duty for yourself and for the people in your life it makes your commitment so much more meaningful. You know that your growth will have an impact on the lives of others. It always excites me when I finish a seminar and I get to witness miraculous things happening in the lives of people around me.

You may be resistant to taking personal development courses and seminar because you have some concerns about personal growth and self-help. I can understand becuase I had some concerns too at one time. Maybe you fear by taking a personal development seminar or hiring a coach you are admitting you have problems or are one of those self-help people? I used to be so cut off from taking workshops and seminars because I felt like it was admitting that I had problems or there was something wrong with me. But what I realized is that we all have problems, life is full of problems and learning how to deal with problems powerfully and effectively is not something to be ashamed of.

It takes courage, commitment, and being open minded to do personal development work. Every time I take a course and work with my coach I feel empowered and less like a victim of the circumstances in my life. I feel excitement and passion about my life. Before I used to dread life and dealing with problems. I avoided problems and wished they would go away but all they did was grow bigger. Now the problems I have do not scare me because I know I can handle them and I also have a support system of people who help me when I am stuck and blocked. Now I embrace a challenge and look forward to the opportunity to grow. It is a completely different way of approaching life. I choose to play at the game of life instead of running from it or being a spectator.

From my experience of becoming open to growing and expanding myself I also saw that I was stingy and not sharing with the people in my life about the personal work I was doing. I did not want to tell people because I was concerned about how they would react and feared they would judge me. I have heard things like “you paid for that?” “I could have told you that.” So I kept a lot of what I was doing to myself. But as time went on people would ask me what I was doing? My enthusiasm for life excites other people and they want that for themselves. Now I share openly and honestly about what I am up to and what I use to help me grow as a person.

My commitment to grow and expand personally has been the driving force in creating my life the way it is now. I acknowledge that I can not grow on my own and that I need the support of others. I accept that in order to produce effective, extraordinary, immediate results in my life I need to grow and expand myself by taking classes, working with service providers, reading books, and being a life time student in getting to know me. I also became comfortable with saying I do not know what to do and I need help. I know I want to produce a specific result in this area of my life and I am willing to learn what I need to in order to succeed.

There are so many great programs and services out there that can alter your life and help you create magnificent results. Are you willing to invest in yourself? Are you open to seeing what you may have done to cause your life the way it is and find a new way? I have never regretted investing in my growth and development becuase I always get something out of it. I also accept that this is a life long process and one weekend or one book can not change my life forever. As I change I need services and support that can help me handle the new changes and continue to grow.

Your assignment:

Think about an area of your life where you would do anything to change or improve it. Then start looking around for personal growth services that focus on producing results in that area of your life. If you do not know where to start, ask people you know what personal growth and development work they have done. Ask them what they recommend. When you find a seminar or class that really excites and inspires you take a leap of faith and sign up.

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