Why It Is Important To Vaccinate Your Child

Nobody wants to take the new baby to the doctor for a shot that is going to make him or her cry. New mom’s feel the pain their babies are feeling and want to protect them from pain. A minute or two of pain will help to protect him or her from childhood diseases as well as adult diseases when they grow older. It is very important to your infant’s health that they receive the proper vaccinations.

Because of early vaccinations, small pox and polio has disappeared from The United States. We no longer hear of reports of an outbreak of either one of these potentially fatal diseases. They are also vaccinated against rubella, mumps, measles, pertussis, tetanus, and diphtheria. Because of these available and mandatory vaccines, children grow up healthy. It is easier to prevent disease with vaccines than it is to cure the disease. Vaccines actually help build the immune system against these diseases, thus your child grows up into adulthood with a fully developed immune system. Toddlers also receive a vaccine against chicken pox.

Your child receives a series of five vaccinations over the period of six years. It starts at birth and continues until the age of six. Without these vaccinations, you are putting your child in risk of contacting a serious disease, along with any other children not vaccinated. Some people for personal reasons or religious reasons choose not to allow their children to receive vaccinations. This causes concern for schools and society.

If parents continue to feel this way, we could see outbreaks for any one of these diseases in the United States. If there would be an outbreak, older adults could be at risk if they were not properly vaccinated as a child. This is why it is important to vaccinate your child against disease. An outbreak of any kind could set back today’s society for centuries. It is best to receive the vaccinations to ensure the health of your infant through adulthood. Many schools will not accept children into the educational program without proper vaccinations. This will also limit their education and social development.