Why Is Sport Such A Great Outlet for Teenagers?

Many teenagers in high school today try out for sports because they think that it will make them popular with their friends and also provide a good vehicle for getting them dates. But there are of course many other benefits to be gained from sports in school and here are just a few to show why sport is such a great outlet for teenagers.

We live at a time when all of us are taking less and less exercise and for many kids this is largely because they have home computers, video games and TVs in their rooms and are happy to spend time sitting at these rather than going out in the fresh air and getting some exercise. It is this of course which also forms one half of the equation today which is resulting in childhood obesity sweeping across the United States.

For many years now obesity has been a problem amongst adults but it is now being seen in children at younger and younger ages and there is no question that a combination of poor eating habits and a lack of sufficient exercise are fueling this epidemic. Sport at school therefore provides an excellent vehicle for getting our kids the exercise they need and also provides the motivation to keep them in shape, which is something that is simply lacking when adults try to follow an exercise program by joining a local gym.

Another very real problem with kids spending time at home on their computers or playing video games is that this is largely a solitary activity and they are missing out on the socialization which is so necessary for their development. This too is provided not only through sport itself, but because many of their fellow sportsmen and sportswomen will also become friends with whom they will socialize off the sports field.

Sports also provides parents with a great way to bond with their children by showing up to support them at games, helping them with their practices and also joining in with fundraisers. Through sports you can not only get to spend time with your kids and talk to them, but you can also get to spend time with their friends and learn a little bit about who they are hanging out with as well.

Now at this stage you may be thinking that this is all well and good but my kid is not particularly good at sports and is never going to make it into a team. Well, fortunately, there are a lot of kids in the same boat and so if this is the case then you can always look outside the school where you will find plenty of places where sport is perhaps less demanding and a little more fun than sport.

Also do not be too rigid in your definition of sports and remember that what you are really looking for is something that is going to give your kids a reasonable amount of exercise but also get them out so that they can meet other kids and develop their social skills. Just take a look around your area and you will almost certainly find many sporting activities which your kids would be happy to try if you just point them in the right direction.