Why Is Sex So Important To Us?

Sex has varying levels of importance in the lives of each individual and of course, its importance will also vary as we progress through the course of our life. There’s been a lot of coverage in the press recently regarding Tiger and his various alleged liaisons with numerous different women. I watched a documentary last night on this very subject and noticed how these ladies seemed to feel that they were in a relationship which involved feelings greater than pure sexual desire.

This reminded me (by contrast) of a book which I had recently read detailing a gentleman who undeniably loved his wife more than anyone else but also craved sex with another; he could not live his sexual fantasies with his wife, only with another who he cared less for.

Who knows what is really going on in another’s intimate world? And should it matter to us? It seems that we are totally fascinated by sex, sexual liaisons and sexual scandals; sex sells, as they say! What is the basis of our fascination?

We know that from an evolutionary perspective there is a natural drive to procreate. We also know that this natural instinct is strengthened at times when our survival is threatened, such as during times of war. But this instinct surely has nothing to do with the types of affairs or sexual liaisons mentioned above? It would seem that in these cases there is absolutely no intent to procreate; rather there is a need for something else, whatever that may prove to be.

The norms in society relating to sex have changed dramatically over the decades, and this too no doubt impacts upon each individual’s expectations and desires. I am reminded of a conversation I had with an old friend some weeks ago. This lady commented upon the fact that she and her husband often laugh at how so many people make such a big deal about sex. I found myself wondering if they had always taken this perspective, especially as they had presented me with a set of satin sheets as a wedding present several years earlierÂ…We all know how our sexual desires alter (in diffeent ways for different individuals) over the course of time.

Sex is no longer something which “cannot be talked about”; rather, it is discussed in depth by many people, and quite openly. For some, however, this freedom of sexual speak can feel rather threatening. If you are not sexually confident or do not have a high libido it is quite possible that you may begin to feel inferior or different in some way. It can feel as if the stakes are too high to be able to compete.

I know that this is the case for a lot of people. The freedom which some people feel with regards to talking about sex can have the effect of totally suppressing the sexual confidence in others. Ironically they then feel that there is no-one to turn to, nobody to talk to about this.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to assist in sexual confidence.

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