Why is it Advisable for a Manufacturing Business to Take Insurance?

Manufacturing business is one of the complex business types, which involves complicated business operations that may put the capitals at risk. The challenges faced by the business owners are unique and vary based on the size, scope, and nature of their business. Every manufacturing business has different processes like procurement, storage, production, shipping and exporting, each of which possess some or the other risk. A little negligence or mishandling of these operations shows negative impact on business’ revenues. Hence, insuring different business processes is an important aspect to consider for every manufacturer.

In this article, we will discuss about the most common risks associated with manufacturing businesses and why taking insurance is essential for them.

Risks that may affect manufacturing businesses:
•Loss or damage to raw materials/stock: Manufacturing firms maintain huge stocks of raw materials, work-in-process goods and finished products in their inventories. Unforeseeable events like fire, theft, natural disasters can create significant losses by physically affecting the material. Moreover, businesses which manufacture perishable goods like food products, and the products which need to be stored in the cold storages are more prone to risk, as even a simple breakdown of refrigerating machinery may spoil the entire stock.

•Machinery breakdown/damage: Manufacturing plants contain expensive machinery, and mechanical equipment, which when exposed to faulty operation or short circuits may suffer serious damages. The repair and replacement of the damaged equipment not only causes interruption to the production of end products, but also creates financial burden to the company.

•Business interruption: There are many unexpected factors which may cause business interruption. Natural disasters, machinery breakdown, theft are few among the major reasons. Any of them can create serious interruptions to the business and hence disables the company from doing business.

•Liability claims: Different types of third party claims like public liability, product liability, and workers’ compensation may trouble the business at any point of time. For instance, many business owners often ignore the importance of product liability thinking that an injury or property damage will happen only due to the negligence and mishandling of the user of their product. But it will not happen the same way in all the cases. The injured may claim for compensation and also can sue the company, which not only creates financial losses, but also affects the reputation of the company.

Risk management methods, which prevent the risks from happening, are helpful for the organization to survive, but only to some extent. Accidents are unpredictable; they may happen at any time despite safety measures. In order to mitigate the effects of risk, the best way is to insure the business with a right policy that covers almost all the possible risks related to the business type.

A comprehensive manufacturer’s insurance policy designed for a specific business type not only safeguards the business from the potential risks, but also provides peace of mind to the manufacturing business owner.

So, after observing the common risk factors that affect a manufacturing business, it is clear that an ideal insurance policy for every manufacturing business is very much important.