Why I Want People To Connect To Themselves and the Divine

Happy New Year! On New Year’s Eve, I was asked a question by a very good friend of mine (let’s keep in mind that her Soul Languages are: Negotiator (AQ), Image Maker (AT) and Olympian (Tone); in other words she helps create a sustainable agreement between our Souls and our humanity), about my purpose.

It went a little like this:
Friend: “What’s your purpose?”
Jennifer: “To help people connect to the Divine.”
Friend: “Why, why does that matter to you if people don’t connect?”

She kept asking the why question again and again. And, I was getting frustrated. Finally, I said because I don’t want people to suffer. Feeling disconnected to themselves and their higher power creates suffering. And, the Divine doesn’t want us to suffer and I’m here to help (myself and) others suffer less.

And after I said this statement (in a childlike voice of innocence), a lot of things started to click into place. Why lately I turn down the sound during those commercials for the ASCPA or UNICEF or why I turn off a TV show where I know a person’s suffering is coming. The warrior in me dislikes this fact. The warrior in me finds it a bit wimpy. The warrior is also the part which holds the space for others to know that they have the courage not to suffer inside of them. To make that choice for connection.

There are so many different kinds of suffering in the world. My place isn’t to help all the animals or the children of the world. My role is to help the innovators, the healers, the creative geniuses, and the leaders not to suffer so they can help their communities suffer less.

Some of us are suffering silently because we don’t feel we have a right to speak up (I mean we feel that our suffering is small compared to others). No one needs to stay in the suffering, to feel disconnected, to feel alone, to feel unsupported, to feel not enough, or to feel the slightest bit of emptiness inside.

I’m so aware that feeling disconnected from myself (even a small part) or the Divine (even the tiniest part) will make any misstep, challenge, and problem overwhelming.

The whole reason Soul Language was Divinely inspired was because I didn’t want to feel alone. This warrior required tools to remember my connection, to find a way not only to speak to the Divine but also to listen. I needed to know: why I was here and how to bring that into the world.

When I tell people that 10 years ago I was a very angry person, they are shocked! YOU? Yes, me. I was angry at the Divine. I felt like I was just dropped off and left to fend for myself. What did this look like in my life? Well, I had a good job and not enough money. I had relationships that weren’t supportive. I felt like an outsider everywhere I went. I wanted so much to ask for help and didn’t know how, and I felt like I wasn’t of value. And, yet, every once in a while I would hear that part of me that would scream that I was here to do something BIG!

And there were physical signs that I was being taken care of (that at the time I would have said were freak happenings):
” The time I got hit by a car going 55 miles an hour and just had a bruise on my leg (my friend, who saw the whole thing, said it looked like someone lifted me up and placed me back on the ground again)
” The time I got a huge check (just when I needed it) from the federal government for overpaid taxes
” The time that I heard “move out of the away”, just as a bunch of kids robbed a ticket booth (I would have gotten trampled on)
” The time that people were lined up to chat with me at a conference to conduct readings for them (which paid for the conference and then some)
Now, I see and now, 87% of the time I remember that I’m an infinite resource, that I have access to an infinite resource and that I’m an expression of that infinite resource. And, each day my tools and connection grows.

Please join me in choosing not to suffer, and if you require someone to guide you to remembering your connection, I’m here (and so is the Divine).