Why Haven’t I Created The Life I Want?

One of the most amazing things about being human is that every dream or creation leads us to want to dream bigger, or to create a bigger dream than the ones we had before.

One of the main reasons why your life looks the way it does right now is YOU WEREN’T SPECIFIC ENOUGH. Thought you’d never have to hear that again, right? And so we got a version of what we wanted, but it wasn’t the complete version. See, we spend a lot of time looking at what we don’t want, but very little being very specific about what we do want. I remember one day I wrote what my perfect guy looked like; I thought I wrote everything … everything that was, except his personality. Well within 3 days the guy matching my description showed up, with a personality I couldn’t stand!

My prosperity partners and I were doing a project once (and I have to tell you it’s the hardest thing waiting for 3 other people’s opinions!) At one point during the project there were objections about different things; one was about the color we were using for the project, for example. For the first time I truly understood how GOD/UNIVERSE operated ~ minus my frustration of course ~ but I kept thinking ‘If you just tell me what color you want I’ll make it happen. I don’t care, I want whatever you want, but you have to know what you want.’ You can’t just say ‘I don’t like the red balloons’, well what color balloons do you want?

Days, weeks, months pass and no answer comes.

Well, I can’t read minds people and neither can the Universe/GOD. The universe/GOD will give you exactly what you want every single time…IF you just tell it/him what you want. But if you give a general description then that’s what you get; something fitting that general description.

Another reason your lives are the way they are is because we forget the dreams we put into creation. As time goes by, you forget that last week you wanted something…3 years ago you wanted something else…and when you add the fact that you weren’t specific in the first place, it’s easy to see that when it comes into your life 3 or 4 years down the line you don’t even recognize it. You treat it as some random thing happening to you. Ever see someone wanting a Red car but not saying ‘I want a red car that runs smoothly and is reliable’? Well then they get the red car, but it breaks down every day and they say ‘This isn’t what I wanted!’ Or someone with a spouse; they wanted this person at one point. But now it’s more like ‘This isn’t what I wanted!’ Maybe they forgot to ask for someone who was faithful, or for someone who had the same values as they did.

Did you ever truly know what you wanted? Did you ever write it out, or were you too busy saying
‘I don’t want to be single anymore. I want a spouse!’? ‘I don’t want to be broke anymore; I want to have more money!’

News flash: a penny is more money.

So when the Universe sent you that one penny laying on the floor it fulfilled your wishes. ‘That’s not what I meant’ you say. Remember, the Universe/God can’t read minds. You never said how much. So maybe you didn’t know how much you wanted, or even better you didn’t want to decide because if you did, you may not get as much as you could get, right? Well, ‘more money’ is very general, so it may not be quite what you had in mind by the time it gets here.

How about the job that you have? Did you think about describing your coworkers? How about the boss you wanted? Nope, you didn’t…because you don’t really believe you have any control.

The next reason is YOU KEEP CHANGING YOUR MIND. How many times have you changed your mind in the last hour, or the last year? We change our minds all the time, constantly rearranging and changing and readjusting the thought, and so by the time it gets here it’s virtually unrecognizable.

This is excerpted from the book “You are already living the life of your dreams” by Ophelia Nicholson.