Why everyone that provides a service should sell a product

That is a pretty powerful statement I made in that headline. Everyone in the service industry should have something tangible to sell to go with it. That something tangible could be a process or formula that they claim as their own.

You may be a copywriter and thinking Kelly has gone totally nuts; or a physician thinking Kelly has no clue about what I do or why.

Let me give you some examples of what I’m talking about with this. Let’s start with a copywriter or graphic designer that is providing a service.

I’ve talked before about how you, as providers of a service, can’t make any money if you’re not working. If you become sick or take a vacation there is no money coming in. Long term I don’t think that’s a place any of us want to be.

Having something to sell besides yourself also allows you to create more of a “business” that you can sell down the road.

So as a copywriter, designer, coach or other service provider, what types of products could you sell?

1) You could create a process for what you do and teach others how to do it (similar to how I teach other people how to market their business or build a copywriting business).

2) You could teach people how to “do it themselves”. An example for a designer may be creating something that let entrepreneurs create their own logos or a copywriter teaching people how to write their own copy. These products would cost less than hiring you, which allows people that can’t afford your rates to still benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

What could you as a physician do to make money without seeing a patient? Let’s play around with a chiropractic practice.

1) You could create booklets or pamphlets on healthy eating or exercise and sell for a small fee, both online and in your practice.

2) Sell ancillary products that compliment chiropractic care. Examples are vitamins, pillows, etc.

3) Add other services to your practice that you don’t need to necessarily do. For example massage therapy, acupuncture, personal training. You can earn income by either renting the space in your office or have them on staff. Either way it’s income you are generating without being involved in each activity.

I’m sure you can come up with several more ideas outside of the few I’ve mentioned here. My point in writing this article is to get you thinking outside of the realm of finding your next patient or that next project.

Think bigger.

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