Why Doesn’t Everyone Succeed?

Nearly a hundred years ago, Orison Swett Marden wrote the following:

“Success is every human being’s normal condition; he was made for success; he is a success machine, and to be a failure is to pervert the intention of His Creator.”

Those comments by Mr. Marden are so true. Human beings were not designed to fail. The intention of the Creator was and is that we always succeed. I like that phrase, “a success machine!”

When you stop and look around, all of creation is designed for success! Fruit trees are designed to successfully produce fruit abundantly. Vegetables, flowers, grass and plants are all designed to flourish.

Even the animals are all designed to successfully enjoy the life they have been given. Bears are designed to successfully catch fish. Lions are designed to have such a roar that they successfully freeze their prey. Cheetahs are designed to successfully outrun all land animals.

With everything around us designed to be successful, to produce, and to flourish, why would we even consider that human beings are designed any differently?

What would you think of a manufacturer who intentionally manufactured his product so that some of the products functioned properly but others did not? I think you and I could agree that would be a very dishonest thing to do. And once his intentions were discovered, he would be out of business and maybe even in jail!

Have you ever heard of a farmer intentionally planting his fruit trees so that some of the trees would produce a lot of fruit and others would produce very little fruit? How silly! Even if someone could do that, it would be a waste of land, time and money.

Therefore, if we are so concerned about doing things so that they turn out successful, why would anyone ever consider that the Creator ever intended His work to not be successful? Are we so arrogant as to think that we have higher aspirations than the Creator? While we strive for total success, are we to believe that He intentionally makes some to fail and He intentionally makes others to succeed?

As Mr. Marden said, human beings were “made for success.” We are “success machines!”

Well, that sounds nice, but why then why are some human beings successful and others are not? It seems that almost everywhere you look you see signs of the Creator’s intention for success. But so many times it’s mankind, the crowning jewel of creation, who fails to be successful.

If we are designed and intended to be successful, why do some succeed while others fail? The reason is that the Creator gave all human beings something very special. He gave us free will to choose and to decide. That means that you have the choice to think whatever thoughts you want to think. And your life is really a product of the thoughts that you have entertained!

Some people rationalize that some of us are made to succeed while others are made to fail. Even if this ludicrous proposition were true, it totally contradicts all the rest of creation. While this line of thinking makes for a nice religious sermon, when you pull the cloak back, it is nothing more than saying, “It’s not my fault.” And in a society of taking no responsibility, it fits in rather nicely, wouldn’t you say?

That’s why it is so easy for people talk about “fate” and “luck.” Now, they have the right and the free will to think whatever they want to think. But just because you think something and just because you believe something, does not make it true! The truth is that the Creator intended success for all of His Creation!

But since human beings have free will, we are all a product of our own thoughts. That is why every self-help book and course that you can find will tell you that in order to see your life and circumstances change, you must first start with your thoughts.

So, always remember that you are not only designed for success in every category of your life, but you also have free will to choose and to decide what you are going to think. You can think thoughts of failure or thoughts of success. Your life will always be a product of your own dominant thoughts.

And, if that’s not true, well then, “good luck,” because life is nothing more than, “fate!” You know, “whatever happens just happens.” Oh, and besides that, I guess it was just “supposed to happen anyway.” And not only that, it was just “meant to be,” and probably for a, “reason.” That’s because some people “get all the breaks,” and, and, – oh stop it, please!!

The Creator’s intention for you is success, just like all the rest of creation. You are designed to be successful in life. But always remember, the Creator also gave you free will to choose the thoughts that you want to think.