Why Does Your Auto Dealership Need an Optimized Mobile Website?

With the increase in number of smartphones users, searching/browsing the Internet for auto related queries is emerging as a popular activity. According to an automobile mobile website study conducted by J.D.Power and Associates, 31% of customers browsed mobile automotive websites using their mobile phones in 2012, compared to 24% in 2011 and 17% in 2010. There is, thus, a rapid growth of smartphone users browsing automotive websites using their mobile phones. Therefore, it is worthwhile for auto dealers to optimize a mobile website for their businesses.

Consumers are increasingly using smartphones for search
Usage of smartphones for browsing the Internet has become more common as you can do this task on the go within a very short time. Thus, when a user searches for a car, obviously s/he visits the relevant websites on their smartphone. This trend emphasizes the need to have an optimized mobile website to serve the needs of such smartphone users.

Having a mobile website makes your company visible to mobile users
If you provide a desktop version of your website for mobile users, they may not access and use your website easily as many of the desktop versions of websites are not compatible with the mobile browsers. Further, search engines rank the mobile versions of websites higher when the search query originates from a mobile phone. Thus, by having a mobile website, you can increase the visibility of your auto dealership website in search engine results, when browsed using a mobile phone.

Benefits of having an optimized mobile website for your auto dealership

Keeps customers engaged
A desktop version of your website is very hard to operate on mobile phones as the loading time is high. Also, as the desktop version is not optimized for a mobile phone, the fonts, images and content will not look good on a mobile browser and finally, it leads to a bad user experience.

On the other hand, a mobile auto dealership website, because of its design, makes it easy for mobile users to load and browse your website and thus provides good user experience. As an auto dealer’s website mainly contains images and videos of cars, it is important to maintain a mobile website. Doing this, the images and videos look good on a mobile browser which will make the customer more engaged in browsing your website.

Generates more traffic
Major search engines prefer websites that have mobile versions as well, so that you can increase the traffic by increasing the visibility of your website in mobile search results. You can get repetitive visits to your website when a good user experience is provided through a mobile website. As the purchase decision takes some time, repetitive visits to websites are required to convince a customer to purchase a car.

Increases sales
When a good mobile auto dealership website is on the web, it offers good user experience and will automatically increase the traffic to the website, especially from mobile users. The traffic itself may not increase sales, but giving value to the customer through the mobile website will increase the sales.

As automobiles are priced high, customers will make purchase decisions only after analyzing a huge amount of information. Therefore, automobile sales can be increased by providing a good amount of information which educates the customer about the advantage of making the purchase. Information on the mobile website should also be optimized to make it readable by the user.

In order to leverage the benefits offered by a mobile website to an auto dealership, one has to make sure that the mobile website is designed in an effective manner. There are many Internet marketing service providers that specialize in creating quality mobile websites that are optimized to search engines. Creating a website optimized for mobile phones, using the expertise of these companies, will fetch good results for your auto dealership.