Why Do We Love Logic Puzzles And Brain Teasers

Who doesn’t like to play? Since our childhood our natural instinct is to play games and have fun. Why not? Games challenge us, raise a smile on our faces, and lead us to a new reality that exists almost exclusively in our imagination. They add variety to our family life and offer a break from the oppressive routine. Who needs more reasons?

Very important byproducts of brain teasers are success, satisfaction and sense of victory. Many games are just for fun, or they are “time killers”, or give a rest to our thoughts from the pressures of the daily routine. Of course that’s not bad, but it lacks the extra burst of adrenaline and excitement we feel with a new challenging and exciting activity. Brain teasers, of all kinds, are exactly that. With these games you can feel the personal improvement and progress. One gets a real sense of success and satisfaction from achievement. Perhaps most important of all, you can learn from them, expand your horizons, improve memory, concentration and creative thinking… all while playing a fun and challenging game.

Brain teasers, lateral thinking puzzles and wooden interlocking and knots are all you are seek from a game and more. They develop your creativity, your orientation in space ability (especially in children), improve concentration and force us to solve complex problems and increase our chances of finding solutions to problems in daily life.

People like to win and make things happen. Sometimes they are amazed when they reach a solution and realize it was in front of their eyes all the time as if there were a magic screen that prevents them from seeing it. When the curtain goes down the game suddenly is viewed in a different light (especially when your way to a solution was difficult and winding). The excitement in that experience is almost impossible to explain, you simply need to solve the first game to feel the sense of self-worth and self-esteem (even excessively).

Wooden brain teasers are fascinating objects. People collect them as decoration or as a source of inspiration, and many of them were planned and designed according to ancient legends about famous enigmas and encryption techniques. Many are based on well-known mathematical proofs such as the “Tower of Hanoi.” The legend tells of a Hindu temple where the priests needed to move a 64 disks towel to other location. According to the legend, when the priests complete their work the world as we know it will end. The game based on that legend is easy and fun to play, but it starts to get complex when you try to solve it in a minimum number of steps… Well, the priests did not like to work too hard!

These games have a certain creative or technical catch, a little trick that you will have to figure out in order to solve them. Sometimes this is a phrase, or a geometric trick, sometimes it is a secret door in a “Japanese Box”. There are many of these boxes, all beautiful and special and often with hidden openings. In the doorway people often hide the “real gift”, but to find it you would have to meet the challenge.

The games are nice toys you can fiddle with while watching television, speaking on the phone or even meeting with friends. It is the ultimate decoration to put on the coffee table. It breaks the ice, and is stimulating and conversational. It’s very interesting to see the person in front of you, young or old, struggling to solve the game (of course it’s more interesting and fun if you already know the solution) Observe their thought processes at work and learn how others meet a challenge. By the way, this is why their use has grown in job interviews.

People are thrilled when to receive them as gifts for the first time, and will continue to buy them for themselves. There are games for all ages and at any level of difficulty. The family will be happy and grateful for a gift that lasts over time. You of course will be happy you could give such an original and educated gift, instead of clothing, or corny computer game.

Each and every part of these games is designed to fit perfectly with the other parts to create a cool three-dimensional object. Once you’ve completed the 3D wooden puzzles you have a great object you can keep as a beautiful decoration. This amazing toy, made of high quality wood, is perfect as a game, gift an amusing activity.

Brain teasers are the perfect gift for puzzles lovers and challenge seekers. They are an item that can be shared between family members and friends. You can place them in surprise boxes for your friends at work. What is more special than this gift?

So, why you should have them?

1. You will get to know a magical and challenging world you did not know before.
2. You will improve your skills and become wiser.
3. You will expand your horizons.
4. They set you free.
5. They are a pure and innocent activity.

And most importantly, they are FUN!