why do people fail to break bad habits

Why do people fail to quit their bad habits?
If the man who works all the day decided to stop this bad habit and started going out early, what will he do then?

He will start to feel bored and lonely whenever he goes home and the result will be either returning back to the old habit of being a workaholic or developing another habit such has television addiction in order be able to escape from these bad feelings.

As you saw quitting the bad requires more than self discipline, will power and persistence. All of these good skills can help in different stages but in such a case they will only help the man to stop for a week or two then eventually he will return back to what he was doing or to something even worse.

Some people believe that will power is enough to combat addiction but I am pretty sure you know many iron willed people who fell a prey to certain type of addiction.

The only way to kill addiction is to find the real psychological cause behind it then using your will power to develop and follow a plan that helps you in getting rid of that psychological factor.

In this example the man must use his will power to learn social skills, become more confident and to create a social life, only then he will find himself able to quit this bad even and will find it easy not to return to it again whatever so ever.

So in short, people fail to quit various types of addiction because they miss direct their will powers towards quitting itself instead of directing it to solve the root cause of the addiction.

I escape
On Monday morning Sam went to a job interview hoping that he would get that job he was after. When same first stepped inside the building he started feeling afraid. As the time passed and as his turn approached same became more and more fearful until they called his name.

Sam went inside the room to find three interviewers instead of one. At this point same couldn’t take it anymore; he dropped his CV, ran to the door and left the building while running as if a lion is after him.

Sam was a coward right? After all he ran at the time he should have been brave the most
Sadly, most addicts are like Sam, they escape from the pain and from their unsolved problems by running to an addiction that makes them forget about their pain.

Some people are obese not because they can’t stop eating but because they run to food whenever they can’t cope with life problems and since their lives are not going in the direction they want they keep eating and eating until they become over weight.

Those people might try all the known diets in the world without getting any results and in the end they lose hope and believe that nothing can be done about their weight. While the truth is that dealing with their obesity problem is not related to their food intake at all but it’s rather related to the reasons that result in this food intake.

In order for those people to lose weights they need to become brave not reduce their crabs intake.

Procrastination has lots of root causes and the causes vary from one person to another but one common case of procrastination is escaping a task because of the perceived difficulty associated with it. This means that the person who procrastinate is actually afraid to take a step to start his task and that’s why he opens facebook, checks his mail or watch TV instead of doing what he is supposed to do.

Pornography addiction doesn’t mean that you have abnormal hormone levels or that you love sex but it might mean that you are escaping from life by withdrawing to your virtual world. If your social life is not going well or if you have no one to hang out with you might develop pornography addiction because of wanting to escape the fact that you are a loner.

Why do heavy drinkers drink a lot? Because of social drinking? No because not everyone who goes to social gatherings drink heavily. They do it because they want to escape from the real world. They didn’t manage to find what they want in the real life and that’s why they want to escape to another place. Had they liked their current mental state they would have fought to keep it but since its full of negativity they try to escape from it by drinking.