Why Did We Choose to Come Here When We Were Already Part of God to Begin With?

From: Why Can’t I See the Angels? pg 40-41.

QUESTION: Why did we choose to come here when we were already part of God to begin with?

BAWA MUHAIYADDEN: That is a good question. The soul is a part of God and the reason you came here is to understand Him and to understand yourself. You came here to know what God is like and what you are like. You must know what God is, what you are, and what creation is.

This world is a school, a university. You came here to this school to study God’s secret and your own secret. God created this place so you could understand Him and know how mighty He is, and so you could understand yourself and all of creation. You came here to take the test and pass it.

Does a mother give birth to a child and then just keep it in the house? If you were kept home all the time, how could you understand the world and its many wonders?

Your mother and father send you to school. Why? Because they want you to study, to learn, and to understand the world, yourself, and all the wonders. They want you to know what truth is. That is why your parents send you to school, and that is why schools were built. Your parents want you to understand things.

God did the same thing. He sent His children to this school so they could understand more about Him. There is the world of the soul, this world, and the world of the heart, which has within it eighteen thousand universes, paradise, God, and yourself. You have to understand all these.

The world is an example. God is the Causal Creator of everything, the inner heart (qalb) is an effect, and you are the basic principle. From the example of the world, you are the basic principle that understands the causes within yourself and the One who is the cause of everything. You need to understand your Father. That is why you came here.

Your Father sent you here to study. Just as your parents send you to school, God sent you to this world to learn about the eighteen thousand universes, this world , the world of the soul, the world of life, the world of wisdom, the world of divine wisdom (gnanam), the peaceful world of paradise, and the world of perfection, purity, and resplendence. He sent you so you could know your Father. This is just a school.

From: The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh p. 55.

O man, no matter what you have studied or how much you have studied, do not follow the ways of your mind with conceit in your learning. Ask a man of wisdom who is on the path and follow his directions. If you do not meet a man of wisdom, lay your heart open and ask even a tree or a wall. The power of God within your heart called conscience will caution you and guide you. It will say, “Go,” or “Don’t go,” “Right,” or “Wrong.” If your heart is open, your conscience will provide useful fruit which will benefit your journey through life.