Why Cookie Dieting Will Become Mainstream One Day

I predict cookie dieting will become mainstream one day; as common a household diet term as atkins, weight watchers, or low fat. It’s inevitable for many reasons but mostly because of how effective it is. After you get over the initial shock of it being a “cookie”, (it’s not your Chip’s Ahoy type of cookie) and look at what it really is, you can appreciate its’ benefits.

For those of you unfamiliar with this weight loss plan, it is a meal replacement in the shape of a cookie that you eat during the day followed by a sensible, low-calorie, balanced dinner. The cookies in a cookie dieting program, such as R&D Diet Cookies, are engineered to eliminate hunger and cravings by being a high protein, high fiber, whole grain food product. Once your hunger and cravings are eliminated you are able to stay on a reduced calorie diet long enough to finally reach your weight loss goals.

Obesity has been rising in the US for many years and it doesn’t look like all the advice we have been getting from the “experts” is making a dent in the epidemic. If you look back over the years these experts seem to be somewhat confused, if not totally lost, when it comes to their solutions for obesity. There was the low fat/no fat advice of the 80’s but wait, there’s been a reversal and we are told there is such a thing as good fat!

The food pyramid has undergone many changes and looks different depending on whose site you look at. The fats group has been put at the tip of the pyramid, directing us to eat as little as possible, which could cause problems. Fat is essential in a person’s general sustainability. Unsaturated fats from a natural source can actually aid in weight loss, reduce heart disease risk, lower blood sugar, and even lower cholesterol. It lends one to wonder which major food industries influenced the design of the pyramid.

Today it seems the experts have looked back at the failed diets (I call them “failed” simply because obesity is still on the rise), throw up their hands in exasperation and say, “Well, just eat less and exercise!” But wait! Doesn’t exercise work up an appetite causing you to eat more? If you have to walk 8 miles just to lose 1 pound, maybe exercise isn’t really needed for weight loss.

Everyone wants an easy way out. We all want to have our cake and eat it too and still lose weight. We keep hoping there is that magic bullet that will make weight loss easy and solve the obesity epidemic. Maybe there will be one day but it hasn’t been found yet. So far, the best way to lose weight is by reducing the number of calories you eat. Sounds simple enough but in reality it is not. If it was, there would be no obesity epidemic. Everyone would simply eat less and lose weight. It doesn’t work that way. Eating less causes hunger and few of us can sustain a state of hunger for long. For many of us, cravings are actually worse than hunger. We may not be hungry but we prowl around with this unsatisfied desire until we give in.

Now, back to why I believe cookie dieting will become mainstream. If you can eliminate hunger and cravings then half the battle is done. Diet pills will do this but there has been so much controversy over diet pills I shudder to think of taking any! On the other hand, in cookie dieting, here you have a natural food product that eliminates hunger and cravings. That’s all you really need in order to stay on a diet. If you need fast weight loss in order to stay motivated you can use the cookies to reduce your calorie intake drastically. Otherwise you can use them as a snack here and there in order to help you stay on your own reduced-calorie diet.

It really is that simple. Once we abandon our attempts to find that magic bullet that will lose weight for us, we can go back to what we do know… if we reduce our caloric intake we will lose weight. If we need something that will help us stay in a state of reduced calorie intake so that our bodies will burn our stored fat for fuel, cookie dieting will do just that.