Why Consider Combination Radar

Why Consider Combination Radar/Laser Detectors
Not all law enforcement agencies are the same. It’s a simple fact that some are better funded than others. This means, some have the best equipment; others do not.

That’s bad news for drivers who want to avoid speeding tickets using radar detectors. Short of calling all local law enforcement agencies to see what kind of speed clocking system is employed, it’s impossible for a driver to tell what police might be using. This means a radar detector that only looks for radio waves might save a driver from a ticket.

Police agencies use two different types of technology to clock drivers’ speed – radar and laser. Radar operates using radio wave technology. This is the oldest and most commonly used form of clocking speeds. This technology uses different frequencies of radio waves that operate like a Doppler to offer police a good way to tell how fast an object is moving. The use of radar is regulated by the FCC.

Unlike radar, laser technology operates using waves of light. The beams can be shot lower and sometimes avoid detection by motorists even if they have a laser detection system installed in an automobile.

Another similar system also used is stationary photo lidar. This uses radar that’s hooked to a camera. The camera records anyone who’s run a red light, sped through a particular spot or so on. If the camera catches a driver, a ticket will be found amid the junk mail by the driver a few days later.

The only way to protect against both radar, and its different frequencies, and laser is to have a detector that handles all the possibilities. These are available, but not always necessary. If you live in an area where only laser is used, there’s no need to buy a more expensive machine. If police in your area use both, it can’t hurt to look into a combo unit.

Keep in mind when buying a combination detector, however, that it’s vital to follow installation instructions to the letter. It’s also very important to familiarize yourself with the different alerts the system will give off.

A combination radar and laser detector can only help you if it’s installed correctly and you understand its use and couple its warnings with smart driving behaviors.

Source: https://positivearticles.com