Why Choose Smooth Fitness Treadmills?

Exercise treadmills have been the biggest selling type of cardio products for more than two decades. Smooth Fitness is a volume seller of quality home exercise treadmills and has been accredited with being the #1 retailer of domestic treadmills online for over a decade. So what makes Smooth Fitness #1 in home treadmill equipment?

Well with over 20 yrs in the exercise equipment industry they are able to offer factory direct pricing together with next day shipping. Additionally all of their products are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee which removes most of the risk of buying equipment online. Couple this with extended service support and some of the best warranties in the business and it is clear to see why they are the market leader.

Looking at customer reviews of Smooth Fitness treadmills features the adjectives that are frequently used to describe them are: Stability, solidity, quietness and durability. Smoothfitness build treadmills that are virtually maintenance free and designed to last the course.

But why are Smooth Fitness treadmills so durable? They achieve this by constructing their treadmills from quality components and materials that have been carefully engineered for their intended task.

At the heart of any treadmill lies the motor. A treadmill of any quality should have at least a 2.5 HP continuous duty motor. The phrase”continuous duty” refers to the fact that the motor is able to deliver the stated horsepower continuously without overheating rather than just for a brief period. Smooth treadmills have as a minimum a 2.5 HP continuous duty motor on all treadmills across their range and back them up with a lifetime warranty.

Any serious treadmill should have a 20 inch wide tread belt so that you have sufficient space in order to walk or run without your natural gait being restricted. All smooth Fitness treadmills across their range are fitted with 20″ wide tread belts.

A component of the treadmill which is very often overlooked is the flywheel. The flywheel acts to smooth out the power supplied from the motor to the tread belt and contributes greatly to the smooth running of a treadmill. The flywheels on Smooth treadmills are carefully balanced by being spun at high speed and checked to make sure they are running true. By taking care to ensure the flywheel is balanced allows the motor to run efficiently and results in treadmill that is silky smooth in operation.

Another important component of the treadmill is the tread belt. This should be of two-ply construction with a polyurethane top layer and base layer constructed from nylon polyester weave. The belt is formed from a single strip of material which has to be joined together in order to form the endless loop of the tread belt. This can be joined as a simple lap joint but the preferred method is to use a diagonal join. Smooth Fitness use this method in their belts which not only results in a stronger join but helps reduce noise.

The component that under pins the tread belt and is responsible for the feel of the treadmill is the “deck”. A good quality treadmill such as the ones made by Smooth Fitness use solid wooden decks of appx. 1″ thickness. The deck is typically supported by rubber grommets and helps to absorb the pounding the deck takes when the treadmill is being used.

In order to move the tread belt has to run over rollers. This is another component that most potential buyers of treadmills are unaware of but which are important to the smooth running of the treadmill. Ideally these should be 2″- 3″ in diameter but the type and quality of the roller bearing is a more important consideration. Top end treadmills are usually fitted with crowned rollers and Smooth Fitness fit these even to their entry level (5.45) machine.

The control systems that regulate the treadmill and facilitate such features such as heart rate control, custom programs, and user profiles require some fairly complicated electronics. Unfortunately the some what hostile environment that these electronic circuit boards reside in means that they are more likely to fail than other components. The electronics in Smooth Fitness treadmills are covered by a 3 yrs warranty against failure. This is the standard of cover you should expect to see in other treadmills but unfortunately not all manufacturers offer this sort of cover.

By using quality components, and over engineering their products to meet the needs of the most demanding users, Smooth Fitness continue to meet consumer’s demand for a reliable, high quality, home treadmill.