Why Choose Electric Space Heaters for Home Heating

Electric space heaters provide warmth at any desired location. These heaters are highly functional and most importantly, user-friendly. It is always better to know about their benefits before purchasing one for home heating. In this article, we will discuss about some of the major benefits of using electric space heaters.

Ensure localized heating
Electric space heaters ensure localized heating. They provide warmth to specific enclosed spaces. Instead of going for centralized heating that provides heat even to unnecessary areas of the home, it is better to install electric space heaters and enjoy warmth wherever you want.

Available in different types
Electric space heaters, as their name suggests, run on electricity. However, based on their principle of working, they are broadly classified into two types – convection and radiant heaters.

Convection heaters: Electric convection heaters warm up the air that passes through the heating element in the heater. The heated air blown out of the heaters is distributed throughout the room by air currents. However, they do not provide instant heat and require certain time to heat the space.

Radiant heaters: Electric radiant heaters emit infrared radiation. The radiation emitted by the heating element gets converted into heat once it strikes the objects or individuals in the space. So, these heaters ensure direct and instant heating. They ensure efficient heating with less energy costs and most importantly they are environmentally friendly.

Available in various styles
Electric space heaters are available in different elegant sizes, styles, designs and models intended for indoor as well as outdoor use. Wall mount and table top models are among the popularly used electric space heaters. A simple wall mount heater is ideal to place in a patio or a small dining room and the table top models can be placed in your living room or bed room.

Convenient to use anywhere
Electric space heaters are portable and are convenient to use at any location in your home. You can shift the heater from your living room to bedroom or kitchen. These heaters have light weight internal parts and hence, are easy to move from one place to another.

Easy installation
The simple design of electric space heaters allows them to be installed and uninstalled easily. All you need to do is find the desired location and check the availability of power outlets when installing. One can easily assemble the heater on his own as per the instructions. However, it is better to get it installed by an electrician.

No need of ventilation systems
Ventilation ducts or chimneys are not required for electric space heaters. These heaters are not at all associated with release of any kind of gases (like traditional heaters) and hence, need no ventilation systems. When transferring the heater from one location to another, you need not bother about the installation of vent systems.

Less maintenance
Electric space heaters require very less maintenance. Simple cleaning and proper usage is enough to ensure efficient functioning for a long time. Electric space heaters are beneficial over gas, kerosene and oil space heaters, as they do not require any regular refilling.

Energy and cost savings
Electric space heaters use electricity, which is cheaper source of energy than kerosene, oil or gas. With centralized heating system, certain unnecessary areas in your home or office may also receive heat, wasting the energy. However, electric space heaters provide heat only in the required areas avoiding wastage. This automatically reduces your electricity bill. They do not require high maintenance and hence, have less maintenance costs.

Since electric heaters provide cost effective and efficient heating at any desired location, they can be preferred over central heating or other traditional heating systems.