Why Choose an Electric Fireplace for Effective Home Heating?

Winter is already here, many places are experiencing cold weather conditions and people are looking for affordable ways to heat. If you are one among them looking for heat, add a fireplace to your living space. A fireplace not only offers warmth that you need in cold winters, but can also add décor to your room.

When it comes to choosing a fireplace one has many options, such as traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces, or modern electric fireplaces. Though having a real (traditional) fireplace is much better, it can be quite a hassle to maintain. Electric heaters on the other hand, have several positive benefits that cannot obtain from the traditional ones.

What are electric fireplaces?
Electric fireplaces are nothing but space heaters that use electricity as fuel to provide heat. They use electricity to heat up elements that emit heat.

They display the visual fire effects resembling the conventional burning of coal, wood or natural gas of traditional fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are available in various styles and designs that give you the look of original one – traditional masonry wood burning fireplace.

Why prefer an electric fireplace?
Today, many people are opting for electric fireplaces or replacing their traditional fireplaces with electric ones. There are many reasons for this:

No need of chimney or ventilation duct.

You need not clean fireplace and its surrounding area as there are no logs and ash. No need of annual chimney and flue cleaning.

You need not allocate a fixed space in your home for fireplace. You can move it easily (as it is lightweight) and place anywhere in your home according to your requirement.

You don’t need a professional to install it. You just need to plug it into standard household electrical outlet.

Other benefits include:

Safe heat
Unlike traditional fireplaces, they do not release combustible gases. They also do not burn oxygen or reduce humidity in the air. Hence, they are also considered as eco-friendly heating systems.

As they use electricity, an inexpensive fuel compared to wood or gas, you can save a lot on energy costs. Some of the latest models operate consuming low levels of energy, some even have inbuilt thermostats that switch off the fireplace, once it reaches the desired temperature.

Safety of kids and pets
Electric fireplaces are safe when kids and pets are around as they do not produce flames. Unlike traditional fireplaces, they do not pose risk of fire accidents. The surface of these fireplaces does not get hot as their heating elements are not exposed.

Electric fireplaces with infrared technology
Electric fireplaces with this technology emit infrared radiation that provides sufficient warmth to individuals in the room. The infrared radiation emitted from electric fireplace directly strikes the individuals present in the room and gets converted into heat – you can feel the warmth immediately you switch it on. These heaters are often considered as effective home heating options as they ensure efficient and even heat. The radiation distributes throughout the room in different directions ensuring even heat, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Therefore, you can enjoy the warmth at any corner of the room.

The above mentioned features and affordable pricing made electrical fireplaces preferred heating options compared to traditional ones.