Why Choose a Civil Ceremony?

Civil ceremonies are when a marriage is conducted by a registrar in an approved, licenced venue or Register Office rather than a vicar or priest in a church; and these days, more and more engaged couples seem to be veering away from a traditional, church wedding and opting for a more flexible, non-religious civil ceremony.

If you’re undecided on, which route to go down, then here are five great reasons to choose a civil ceremony wedding:

You can get married in a wider choice of venues
With religious ceremonies, you are limited to getting married in a church, chapel or other registered religious building, whereas, if you opt for a civil ceremony, you have the chance to get creative. From trains, zoos and caverns to stately homes, sporting venues and castles, choosing to have a civil ceremony allows you to turn your innovative wedding ideas into a reality.

You can personalise your vows
There are certain vows, which must be said during your ceremony to ensure that your marriage is legal. However, if you choose to have a civil ceremony there tends to be more flexibility in what you can say before and after these vows.

Personalising your vows is a great way to inject some personality into your ceremony. Including cute anecdotes of when you first met/fell in love/realised that they were ‘the one’ adds a special, romantic touch, which is bound to have your guests reaching for the tissues. In addition to this, if it is your second marriage, personalising your vows is a lovely way to make sure that your ceremony is a little more unique and personal.

They are non-religious
If you are not religious, civil ceremonies allow you to celebrate your love in a way, which is in keeping with your own feelings and beliefs.

Choose your own music
Have you always dreamt of gliding down the aisle to that particular, momentous song? By having a civil ceremony, you will be able to choose your own music. Whether it is for the pivotal moment when you first enter the room or, when you and your husband take your first steps as man and wife, it is a great opportunity to personalise these moments with music, which is special to you.

You can have your ceremony and reception in the same place
Most wedding venues that are licenced for civil ceremonies are reception venues as well. Being able to hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue not only saves the hassle for yourselves and your guests of travelling from one place to another, it also saves you some hard-earned cash, which would have been spent on transport…great if budget is tight!