Why Aren’t You Motivated To Exercise?

If you have children you’ll know just how difficult it is to get them to sit still. You’re fighting an uphill battle as they wiggle and wriggle and finally escape from your restraining clutches. And to what end? What are they seeking? What has caught their interest? You watch them running around in the garden, climbing trees, or playing hide and seek, or tag, or playing cowboys and Indians, or enacting any number of imaginary plays and scenes; And of course there’s your child’s first attempts at amateur gymnastics, ranging from seeing if they can chew their toes, or trying to stand on their head to doing a cartwheel or the splits!

A child will happily spend all day in the pool, splashing around, trying to swim under water, or to hold their breath and touch the bottom, or make the biggest splash as they dive-bomb next to you, a gleeful expression on their face! You and I were just the same as every other little girl or boy; we didn’t see all that as “exercise” did we?

And I’m certain that this is the key to so many adult’s lack of motivation to exercise. We see it as exercise, as something we must do, something that is just another, time-consuming, boring and uninteresting task which we are meant to squeeze into our ever more hectic schedules. And when viewed from this perspective, very few of us have the impetus to even begin to exercise let alone the grit to persevere.

As children it didn’t take grit to persevere; we were far more likely to throw a tantrum when dragged away from our fun pursuits. We were “grounded” or sent to our rooms as a punishment. As adults all we seem to want to do is to be grounded! And it’s not just because we have no free time; Granted we tend to have less free time as adults, but this is not the only thing at the root of our sluggish attitude towards exercise.

How do we return to the enthusiasm of youth, to rediscover that child within who loves to move and stretch and try new things? The central pivot here is the simple fact that people do what they want to do, not what they should do. We all know that exercise is good for us. The proven benefits include increased strength and stamina, lower risk of heart disease and stroke, protection against back pain and osteoporosis, more energy and less anxiety and stress, better sleep, improved mood and less depression, better physical appearance, greater self esteem and self confidence, increased metabolism and thus better weight control.

What therefore has stopped you from wanting to exercise? What’s stopping you from seeing exercise as fun and natural? And if you did happen to think in terms of having fun, playing or exploring, do you think you’d have trouble sticking to your “exercise plan”? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to recapture that open mindedness, that certainty that this is going to be fun, that zest for life, that ability to live in the moment with absolute intensity so that you can enjoy it 100 percent? Wouldn’t it be nice to re-associate yourself with these feelings and to get back to your natural desire and instinct to exercise?

No matter how much of a couch potato you have been in the past, you can reawaken your natural instinct to exercise, simply by looking at it from this same angle that was innate to you when you were a child. You need to think differently in order to feel different about exercise. Hypnosis is an invaluable asset, because it allows access to the inner workings of your mind.

Hypnosis is a vehicle which transports you back to that stage of life when it was not only fun to exercise, but it was easier to learn new things, when your subconscious mind is open to suggestion. Hypnosis downloads are readily available instantly in your own home and they are inexpensive. With the help of hypnosis mp3 downloads you can regain that sense of fun, and thus your motivation to exercise which you had as a child; that time when to have to sit still was completely incomprehensible!

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for motivation and success.