Why Are We So Stressed Out?

For all the wonders brought by the twenty-first century, there is a price to be paid: the stress. While sometimes beneficial, long-term stress is potentially extremely harmful for an individual. What is even worse, its real causes aren’t often clear and easy to find. Let’s take a look at the most important stress causes.

Probably the most common reason of stress is lack of sleep. The less we sleep, the more we are prone to anger and irritation. At the same time our ability to think logically and solve problems instead of creating them is decreased. As the result there are more and more things we can’t cope with – and at that moment the stress is born.

Then, there are problems related to one’s work. They may include long hours at work with no apparent effects, problems with one’s boss or traffic jams. Especially if you start experiencing road rage and yell at other drivers because you feel you are going to be late, this is a definite sign of getting stressed because of work.

Of course, a job can cause even more problems if one hasn’t got one. In case of getting sacked, the typical result is getting depressed or anxious – and if they don’t do anything with that quickly, the stress-induced problems will quickly follow.

One of the more common causes of stress is money (or, to be exact, lack of it). When you start worrying about money instead of working on improving your financial situation, you are only a single step from depression. What is worse, this may also cause relationship problems that may end in separation or even divorce.

The last common cause of stress is having problems with one’s family or at least with one of the family members. The only way get rid of it is confrontation: meet the source of your problems and talk everything out. This can take some time and be extremely painful short-term, but it is the only way of freeing yourself of this powerful stress-inducer.