Why are we here?

What makes a man/woman? Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here?

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to know why I was here. I now know why I am supposed to be here.

This is my story. I worked in Advertising for over 20 years. I have run my own companies and partnerships, freelanced for many agencies and for the greater part of it, enjoyed what I was doing. But it never really gave me true passion or sustained joy. Then around 5 years ago something came through my door. At the time I was working in Central London as a Creative Director for an agency, and commuting 3 hours a day on a motorbike in all weathers. I was tired and fed up, I knew something had to change and I had to do something else with my life. This wasn’t the reason for me being here. Then one day I came home and my wife handed me a mailer that had come through the door. It was nothing special, just telling us about a company that could save us money on our phone calls. We discussed it and knew that we needed to save some money, so we called the number and asked the man to come round and tell us more about it. This man was called Aaron Cornwell. After Aaron told us about the business, I asked him how he got involved in it. He explained and asked me if I would like to join and make some extra money. I was interested. I decided to take him up on his offer. Now this isn’t the end of the story, this new opportunity was merely a stepping-stone. From joining the company and becoming a very good friend of Aaron’s. He introduced me to the likes of Anthony Robbins, Jerry Clarke and Jim Rohn.

We both then went to see Anthony Robbins live in London and from there it all changed my life. Something had gone off inside me. A seed had been sown, a fire had been lit. I now felt I was on a path and about to discover my reason.

I was excited and fired up about what was going to happen, at the same time my marriage was coming to an end. It knocked me for six and took me some years for me to come to terms with it. But all the time I was going through the pain of the divorce I knew that what I was doing was important by being on this path. If I had stayed in an unhappy marriage I truly believe I would not be doing what I am today. There is a reason for everything in life. Life is like an ocean, you get choppy seas and you get calm seas. If you know where you’re heading you can keep your boat on course whatever the weather. Even when you’re blown off course, you can find your way back. So I believe we all have a purpose in life. For some people it is to be a great teacher, a great athlete, an amazing parent, a doctor or nurse or just to make people happy. Whatever the reason is, I truly believe we are all here for something. Nothing is accidental! The key to finding out what your purpose is is to keep searching. Keep looking and sooner or later it will appear and you will know that it is right.

Another part to my story is from my childhood where I suffered abuse and my parents divorced when I was very young. No family is normal nowadays and I am not one to blame my past.

I believe the troubles that were a part of my childhood all helped mould me into who I am today. I got strength from what happened and after many years discovering myself, I learnt a great deal about who I am and what I can do.

The human spirit and mind has always fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. From years of study and practice this is what I am today. A coach, a life advisor or a mentor if you wish.

My point is, never stop looking. Like me and countless others. Keep on looking. And as I said before when you find it, you will know. Just as I did. It feels so right when you discover your path. It’s a feeling that comes from your heart not from your head.

My advice to you my friend, is to know that you do have a purpose. You are amazing and have something that other people need. Believe in yourself. Every cell in your body (all 76 trillion of them) is busy making you, who you are. Use your energy and immense power in a way that can help.

Life is a journey so why don’t you make it the best journey you possibly can. Read books; listen to speakers, seek out knowledge and like a jigsaw piece it will eventually fall into place. It’s not always easy. But what is? Is it not true that something worthwhile is worth some effort?

As the late great motorcycle racer Barry Sheena once said “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out and meet the bloody thing!” Absolutely I say. Does it not say in the bible. Seek and ye shall find? Not sit on the sofa and wait for it to knock on your door.

I recently went to a fantastic talk by a great man called Keith Cunningham. In his talk he said that he would like his last dieing words to be “wow what a ride!” My question to you is what are your dieing words going to be? “I wish I had or I’m glad I did?

If you have found what your purpose is then I’m delighted and enjoy the journey. If you are reading this and it has got you thinking then I welcome you to an amazing trip you are about to start. My advice before you start is this. There are only 2 ways to fail and that is to not start and the second is to stop or give up.

Go, go, go. Every new day is another adventure. It sounds cliché and the kind of thing that can be found on motivational posters but so be it. For some people that helps kick them out of bed.

Find your purpose, find your passion. Passion is your fuel and that fuel will make you get up early and got to bed late.

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life ®