Why Are We Here?

Why are we here? Have we come to play the role of husband, wife, parent, teacher, healer, etc.? Are we here to love, play, and experience life to the fullest? What is our primary mission on this planet?

I have pondered that question many times. I used to believe that I came here to “save the world” from its frightful destruction. With world peace as my vision, I was driven to reach as many people as possible through teaching, counseling, books, tapes, lectures, workshops, and the media. I was determined to help people love themselves and feel their inner peace-their greatest contribution to world peace.

My logical mind told me that I was succeeding in my life mission. But my low energy and chronic physical pain caused me to have some doubts. I felt miserable! All the stress I put myself through resulted in tight muscles, spinal misalignment, and troubled organs and glands. I suffered with many allergic reactions from foods and toxic environments.

Even though I hated giving up cheesecake and coffee, pizza and other favorites, deep down I knew it was all perfect. I realized that in order for me to accomplish my primary mission, I had to “clean up my act.” If I wanted to play in the big leagues, I needed to play by their rules. My spiritual part reminded me that I chose to walk in the light.

During my morning meditations, I surrendered to my service and asked my guides and God, “What would you like me to do today?” The answer was always the same, “Beloved one, be in peace.”

Noticing all the pain and misery in the world and myself, I realized that earth is like a remedial class. We all flunked self-love and we came back to get it! And only when we feel that self-love, can we experience inner peace.

Now I am clear that my divine purpose for being here is for My soul growth. My cosmic mission is to live on this third-dimensional (fear-based) planet with a fifth-dimensional (love-based) consciousness. My mission is to transcend my will and to allow the all-loving God to work through me.

My mind knew that concept before but now my soul experiences it. Now I am focusing on the essence and not on the form. And the essence is unconditional love and joy. My lesson here is to “love myself to peace”, to be in that love space no matter what I or others are doing or not doing. It is to transcend what my mind thinks or understands, to remain centered and totally accept whatever happens as divine.

This is my most difficult challenge. I know that I am succeeding when I maintain a love space or return to it quickly even after a personal disappointment or upset. I feel such joy and peace when I overcome my fears and return to my faith. Since I have totally surrendered to living my life from love and light, I am so much happier and healthier. I need much less from the outside world to feel good. No longer do I drive myself to be so goal oriented. I still have the same vision of world peace, and I am still committed to reaching as many people as I can in my lifetime. But now I am coming from love and not fear. Now I am doing it God’s way.

The focus of my accomplishments each day is not what I do but how much I feel love, joy, and inner peace. It feels wonderful to be crystal clear of why I am here-of my cosmic mission.