Why an MBA Degree to Start Your Business?

Some say that having an MBA degree is a prerequisite for starting your business but I really do not think it is the whole truth. Though as a source of personal development, one may need to have an MBA that still does not mean it is a paramount requirement for being a business owner. Meanwhile what is an MBA?


An MBA degree is as it is popularly known is none other than Masters of Business Administration. It is not restricted to business degree graduates but extended to people from other fields of profession. It goes to show that a business degree is lower than an MBA which in its sense, specializes on a particular field of study in the business world.

The discussion here on is that when starting your business, you absolutely do not need an MBA for that. An MBA does not make you succeed in your business but makes you aware of the choices and decisions before you. Owning an MBA is not the pathway to growing your business, it just makes you aware of your priorities, choices and decisions. A lot of business owners have no business with MBA and still have thriving businesses that have become household names today. In any business, it is not an MBA that would run it for you but the passion, dream, money and knowledge of the business that will make you succeed in your business. Your passion, perseverance, confidence and interest for your business are what will keep you going even in the face of challenges and unexpected pitfalls.

I suppose what an MBA degree can help you hook up with people who would help you with fantastic ideas for your business as well as assist you in areas where they can. They are otherwise known as your networking group to help you grow, distribute information as well as upgrade you whilst help you set a yardstick for rating your growth too. At least, your MBA equips you with knowledge and skill that you may have need for instead of imploring the services of other experts. Still I would say that what goes on in the field is different from classroom scenarios so to speak. That you own an MBA does not make you a problem solver at that business enterprise. You would have to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ and learn it all from the very beginning. Owning an MBA just makes you and your business idea look attractive but that does not earn you the credibility you seek. It is what the people see that would make them either trust and stick to you or decided to pitch their tents with a more reliable rival.

Conclusively, making assertions about the importance of having an MBA before starting a new business is not reasonable as it can be proven that one can start up his business without an MBA certification. In thoughts, MBA is a minor component that merely fine tunes the efforts of the entrepreneur; I would say it just makes him polished in his outlook.