Why An Employment Criminal Background Check Is Needed?

Depending on the State that you are in and the position you are applying for, the employer can call for an Employment criminal background check. This will help the employer decide if you are qualified to hold a sensitive position in his firm.

If you are applying for a position in which you will be handling care services for the elderly, children and people who have disabilities and special needs, some of the pre-employment screening you should undergo is drug testing, sex offenders list and criminal history.

Safety and welfare are among the primary concerns of patients in care giving services. That is why, staff handling such delicate needs should be free from any malice and crimes.

The employers are keen to confirm that you have not been charged and convicted of child abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, physical injury or assault and murder or homicide.

If the position you are seeking for requires you to handle cash and finances, then you should expect that part of your employment criminal background check includes an investigation on your financial records, credit records, criminal history, civil history, and property ownership.

The reason is for the safety of the company. They cannot be too careful to allow a person who suffers financially to handle the company’s assets, stocks, budget, and cash allocations.

If you have a past history of stealing from a company or are deep in debt, you could be tempted to steal from a prospective employer. Most companies can not afford employee thief.

Criminal background checks reveals information such as crimes and offenses you might have committed to like murder or homicide. And, physical assault, physical injury on minor case.

An employment criminal background check also provides information about arrests and warrants served on you. Whether convicted or absolved or the case filed against you has been withdrawn, the progress of the case is recorded as part of your criminal history.

The civil investigation is of equal significance, particularly if you are applying at large corporate offices or Multi-National Corporations. Some people earn money by finding faults in a company they work at and ultimately file a lawsuit against them.

Your civil history will show you, if indeed you had filed any lawsuit against your previous employers. With pre-employment screening, your potential employers are protecting the existence of their company, and providing a safe working environment.

Almost all business organizations today find it beneficial to conduct an employment criminal background check. With it, they can save money spent on hiring and training new hires that are not qualified for the position because of misdeeds and crimes.

Drug and substance abuse such as alcohol is at times an integral part of employment criminal background check, especially if you would like to work in a city government office or teach in an educational institution.