Why Am I So Tired? How To Overcome Tiredness’ Top 3 Culprits

Why am I so tired? That seems to be the universal question, isn’t it? I soon realized that I’m not the only one suffering from this fate. Millions of people all over the world also find themselves feeling exhausted all the time.

Because a lot of people are now asking themselves and others why they are so tired, experts have taken the time to study different people and their habits. Finally, they came up with these culprits.

1) Lack of Sleep

One of the number one reasons that contribute to why you and I are so tired is lack of sleep. It’s not that surprising at all considering that we live in such a fast paced world. We have deadlines to face, reports to write and meetings to attend to. At night, we burn the midnight oil studying or coming up with the perfect presentation.

Who has time to sleep anymore? Unfortunately, this lack of sleep prevents us from performing our best in the long run. Feeling so tired all the time is only the beginning. There are health consequences that may result if you continue with this habit.

The only solution is to manage your time well and live a balanced life. Learn to prioritize your activities and schedule.

2) Recovering from Sickness

If you find yourself feeling so tired, it may be because you’re still recovering from an illness. For example, if you have just gotten through a fever and have just brought your body temperature back to normal, your body might still be “under construction.”

Your immune system is still trying to sort itself out. During these times, try to keep away from strenuous activities until you’re sure your body has fully recovered.

3) Stress

Stress, in general, really does make people feel tired. Stressors could be anything from personal issues or career conflicts. These take a toll on our body and are the main reasons for why we can be so tired.

What you could do is try to organize your mind and immediate surroundings. The more organized everything is, the calmer you are and the less tired you feel.

If you’re always asking “Why am I so tired?” now you have some clues. These are the top three culprits responsible for your tiredness. A combination of all three can result into something more serious. Perhaps it’s time you do something to alleviate the situation.