Why A Recumbent Exercise Bike Offers The Best Workout

When it comes to purchasing home fitness equipment, you want something that will deliver a challenging workout without putting any part of your body in danger of an injury. Injuries put you out of the game for months or years to come, so it is worth your time to consider safety as one of the top priorities for exercise equipment. The absolute safest option on the market right now is the recumbent exercise bike.

An exercise recumbent bike is much safer than a treadmill or even an upright exercise bike because of the well protected seated position. Instead of balancing your body on top of a small bike seat or walking fast paced on a treadmill, you are seated with a comfortable and supportive back support. Since your legs are positioned out in front of your body instead of directly under your hips, there is less pressure placed upon your legs, knees, or hips. This is much healthier for every part of your lower body as well as your back.

The recumbent design is the best exercise bike for anyone suffering from body pain, recovering from an injury or serious illness, or who may not be in fit enough condition to properly balance on an upright bike. They drastically reduce the chances of injury for virtually anyone, no matter what their fitness level may be. The safety measure is greatly increased even more by choosing a model that has a simply step through design, thus eliminating the need to climb over the center bar of other models.

One of these step-through models is the Schwinn 231 bike. It offers a solid construction that ensures a steady frame that will not wobble, as well as a smooth ride without annoying noises or clanks. The features include 16 resistance levels and 23 workout options, including a timed trial and fitness test.

The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike also offers other convenience features, such as a water bottle holder, reading rack, and built-in fan.

With a wide range of resistance levels, a recumbent exercise bike can deliver a workout just as intense as any other piece of workout equipment, especially if you take advantage of the steady seated position to do some lifts with hand weights while you workout. This essentially makes it a complete body workout without any danger of injuring your body.