Why A Plant-Based Diet?

Contrary to what we have been taught about nutrition in any culture, the majority of us are still kept in the dark about what the optimum diet for us consists of. This is not surprising when you realize that most governments that provide us with our nutritional guidelines are connected with very powerful organizations such as the meat, dairy, and egg industries who not only expect, but demand that their products are promoted in the dietary guidelines. Culture and tradition also keep us tightly glued to addictions and unhealthy habits.

Advanced Lipoprotein Fingerprinting is a more precise cholesterol test that allows doctors to identify health risks that traditional screens miss. The process separates lipids in the blood to create a detailed cholesterol profile that helps doctors identify patients at risk for heart disease. The detailed graph allows a doctor to precisely analyze a patient’s overall risk profile and monitor the effectiveness of a diet or treatment regimen.

This advanced analytical techniques that can help doctors diagnose early warning signs for coronary heart disease, which kills more than 2,600 Americans a day, according to the American Heart Association. High LDL cholesterol is a major cause of coronary heart disease, according to the National Cholesterol Education Program.

LipidLabs refined the Advanced Lipoprotein Fingerprinting Process and the results translate to more accurate and specific data on which to make clinical judgments and guide patient therapy and prevention at reasonable costs.
Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the U.S. This all makes sense when you understand some basic principles about nutrition.

• All cholesterol in the human diet comes from animal-foods.
• The human body produces all the cholesterol it needs.
• The majority of saturated fat in the human diet comes from animal foods.
• Everything the human body requires for excellent health can be found in plant-based foods.
• The main fuel that the human body utilizes for energy: carbohydrates and simple sugars.
• Too much protein is linked to kidney problems.
• Eating a diet rich in animal foods has been linked with heart disease, many cancers including breast cancer, and prostate cancer, stroke, diabetes, and an other life taking diseases.